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The Google Now Launcher's import dialog. Coming to a Play Store near you.

Download here:
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Interesting that they used an HTC One for the onboarding graphic.
Come on Ron. We know you have it. We know about it. Come on, and fork it over Ron.
Not so interested in the launcher, but I want the N5 Dialer.
It's brilliant that I can finally speak to my phone in English English instead of American English
+Ron Amadeo I knew there's a reason I follow you! You know, other than the apk teardowns, insightful tech knowledge, reviews... 
Interesting...But I like my folder organization in the app drawer on my Z1 :-(
+Chad Cooper Install the new Search app and the launcher helper APK to a non-Nexus 5 device. Then wipe data on Google Search and open the launcher.
+Liam Spradlin I guess they did that because you wouldn't be doing this on the nexus 5. That makes it even more likely this is coming to Google play
And also it explains the home screen indicator, but nothing else
I don't want to give up my Novanization.
Excellent.  I had installed the Nexus 5 Google Now Launcher APK that got spread around when Kit Kat first came out, but it's been a bit buggy on my Nexus 4 and 2012 Nexus 7.  Very nice to see that it is now officially out.
I would use this but I actually like the launcher on the g2!!!
So when is Google planning to release the gel on the play store.. It's been long enough 
Oh sweet, Google Now Launcher is finally going to be official!! 
Now I can put the official version on my Nexus 4 and 10. I love GEL on my Nexus 5.
Just putting it out there, the dialer on the n5 was part of the system not a straight apk. I don't think it would be built into a launcher apk.
Isn't that the default launcher in CM11?
once the GEL or GNL gets folder support in the app drawer, I am switching over from Apex. All google, all the time
Hmm I'm runnning the Google Experience Launcher on my Nexus 4, so is this the exact same thing or should I install this instead? I'm a little confused..
If we added "GEL" via sideload (not being a Nexus 5 user), will it update or do we need to sideload this update as well?
Wouldn't mind using gel but I need my custom icon packs.. Hate the fact that Android in general just has such inconsistencies with its icons. 
+Taz Hoque I actually prefer icons not to be uniform. They're less boring that way. 
It's not the lack of uniformity but the style.. Some has gloss, some is 3d,some is flat etc etc etc 
+Kem Alimole it's OK if the icons are designed well but man some icons on the play store are just ugly.. That's what I like about Android, you can fit it to your needs. 
Wei Zhe
it is not work on my nexus 5。
I switched back to Nova from the GEL. Something something battery assassination something.
Hey Ron this is the search apk only? We still need the home.apk to GEL work?
I'm not sure I'm ready to let Nova go.
+Mari Black please, +mention me if, and only if, you have something useful to say. Thank you. 
Looks nice, but for now I will be sticking to Nova. Thanks for uploading! 
+Matej Cibic thanks, and yep se need home.apk from N5 to make google laucher work. Ron you shoul update you post: Home.apk is needed for work on non N5 devices. Lets ser wen google release the laucher full with all working apk for everyone use.
Is there any way to force the new launcher into tablet mode?
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