The Theoretical OnePlus 2
Here's my OnePlus 2 review. It's a great deal for $330-$380 if you can buy one. You can't though, so this is all kind of meaningless. The deal seems too good to be true because it is. 

The pricing scheme is a lot like Xiaomi, but the difference is that Xiaomi is a business and can do this at scale—they can sell millions of phones and anyone (in the countries they do business in) can buy one.

OnePlus doesn't sell phones at scale and doesn't seem to be much of a business. The company only sold 500,000 phones last year. Keep that in mind when you look at the 4-million-person-deep waitlist. Xiaomi sells that many phones in a few hours. 

The invite system exists because OnePlus would straight up go out of business if they really sold millions of phones at this price. And I bet most of those 500,000 devices were sold months and months after the initial release date, when component prices were lower.

They make a phone they can't afford to sell, make lots of noise, get lots of press, and then... nothing. I'm not sure what the end goal is, but it all feels very dishonest.

As a member of the press I'm very weary in my role in all of this which is why I only do the bare minimum of OnePlus coverage. So here's a review of this magical unicorn phone.
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