Play Music v5.2.1204L - What the hell is XDI?

Google has neglected to release a changelog so I guess it's up to me/us, along with a teardown.

- "Genre Radio" is now a thing. I don't have All-Access access to try. AP has screenshots:
- There is now a "Send Feedback" menu item
-  Downloads queue now looks like a real part of an Android app, instead of a broken, blank, white screen. (old/new screen is also tablet vs phone, so use your imagination.) It also does resuming!

XDI - a music player for Google Glass
Edit: +Josh Brown figured out it's Glass related. I think it's a remote control music API for Google Glass (and it looks like it could be for other stuff, too)
Remember this? Glass has music controls. This is the other half of it.

- There's a new activity called ".xdi.XdiPlayActivity" and a few references to "XDI" in the new music code, including an entirely new folder. 
- There's ".xdi.XdiContentProvider," which has a permission called "",  and a new authority, ""
- There's also a new icon for whatever "XDI" is, an all-black Play Music icon.
- All the smali in the XDI folder ends with the word "Cursor."
- There is a lot of duplicate functionality here. That and the simple logo makes me think it's for a watch or something.

Let's hear your theories

(Thanks to +Tommy Nunno for the apk, which is here:
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