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Ok I've been doing this Gmail money thing for like 5 days now and I'm tired of waking up to 30+ messages every morning and not being able to see my usual useful notifications, so someone else pick up my invite mantle.

This would be fine if you could deal with more than 10 notifications in Google+, but you really can't. The "all notifications" screen doesn't make any sense, and everything is instantly marked as read once you touch the red box. =/
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I'm still trying to find a way to get the music all acces outside us....I got my music account way back when it launched, so I never placed a credit card info, I just got validated thru a proxy, but now, the credit card is required and I just there a way? I have a valid credit card but just not in the US.....
Worth a try, I'll + you privately.
PM sent. Looking forward to checking this out
whoa weird, I tried to claim the one you sent me and it asked me these weird security questions that seemed like they were for someone else...and now I have to send Google scans of my ID, SSN card, and proof of address if I want to verify my identity.
Email, messenger, hangouts, plus post just to you?
Ok that should be everyone up to now, If I missed you, +me again. I've spent a quarter so far!
Erich W
Just sent you a message and email thanks for doing this
Awesome, thanks for the invite.
Ill take one.  You can send cash also to "Test" it.
Does anyone else who got the .01 from +Ron Amadeo have the ability to send via Gmail compose (the button they promoted)? (also, thanks again Ron)

(edit: never mind, it's there now!)
Sent it out. Thanks Ron!

EDIT: Received the penny! Thanks again Ron!
I've handed out over 50 cents! Actually some of those pennies are +Keerthi Madapusi Pera's pennies. He sent me 10 cents!

I should be caught up, if I missed you, + me again.
So what will happen if you send money to a non-US user? Let's try to break it ^^ - my e-mail is my nick :)
Ok response times were slacking for a bit there, but I should be all caught up now.

HOLY CRAP +Jared Shipp SENT ME A DOLLAR! I feel obligated to give it out now.
I returned the 2nd penny because you gave me two by mistake. 
recieved and returned...thank you sir
$1.37 so far! If I missed you, +me again.
Thanks for doing this, +Ron Amadeo!   Penny headed back your way once I'm up and running!

ETA - It's working - you doubled your money - $0.02 back to you!
Got it. Thanks! I second the verification of your gentlemanliness and scholarlyness!
Just messaged you. Oh and thanks in advance!
Ok taking a break for a bit, I should be caught up though.
I suspect those having to verify have not previously verified identity on the Wallet settings page, which has been optional. I guess they made it mandatory for this program. Go ahead guys, its not like Google didn't already know it all anyway :P
Also, thanks +Ron Amadeo
I'll send back 101 pennies! Thanks!
You the man +Ron Amadeo! I greatly appreciate it! Not sure if you sent when I posted on AP (Metroview) or PM but I got it. Now i'm waiting for my popup to show in Gmail and i'll send out a few invites myself on AP to help you out.
Woo! Another dollar from +Chris Coffey ! You rock!

I'm going to the movies so the party is over for now. I'll hand out more pennies later.
WinDroidGuy @gmail, thanks Ron Send me a penny and I'll send 10 back!!  Thanks
+Leonardo Benveniste I ran into the same problem
Just go into your Google Wallet and edit your credit card settings. Change your address to a random US address. Do the same for the phone number. Validate. Then activate your proxy or VPN and go the Google music setting page. Click the All Access subscribe button and there you go, you should now be able to suscribe. The first 30 days are free so I don't know if the payment will go through when the real fee will be charged. Have a good time with all access ! :) i'll send back and more... pretty excited!
WinDroidGuy @gmail, thanks Ron
Hey Ron, how bout that .01 cent? Weee! Thanks! thank you in advance. will spread the love after.
first your teardowns... then you get glass.... then more teardowns.... and now penny santa.... i wanna interview your parents...
+Ron Amadeo Thanks, I'll also reply with 100 pennies!
I want in coach!  O69ERO [at] gmail [dot] com ~please :)
Could someone pay it forward for me? jduplant [at] gmail [dot] com
Thanks for your awesome work on Android! if anyone can and is willing to pay it forward :) 
I'd love an invite to if you can do it! I'll happily pay you back :-)
Sent you a PM. You are probably crazy overloaded with requests, so here's another notification. :) Thanks. if anyone can send me a penny I will pay back asap. Thank you ;-)
Can someone please send me a penny? I will pay it forward!
I will happily send back $1!
If you would be so kind Ron I'll gladly return your penny. :) +Ron Amadeo will happily send back more
I sent you a message with my email but figured I would thank you for doing this here. 
If anyone would like to invite me I would greatly appreciate it. I will pay it forward to someone else. Thanks
can i get an invite let's propagate this thing :)
Can someone invite me as well I'll in turn invite someone else. Thanks
Anyone feeling generous? I will pass it on.
Alright, I'll get on this train.
Interested in getting in on this. Will definitely pay forward.
+John O'Connor your right. I should mine for coins while my g+ account is transferring. Prices of BTC are rising.
thanks for helping all of us :)
If anyone has a penny to spare I would be glad to double your investment.
I would appreciate an invite as well. Will send back 50 cents.

mptpro @ gmail
Hey +Ron Amadeo or +Craig Tumblison if you or anyone send me a penny to [redacted] I will send you $1.01 back so you can invite more. I will do this for up to ten people.
+David Gerbino I'll send one over, but please keep your $1.01 (or send it to Ron instead - he deserves it!).

Edit: Sent!
Removing my email from the need list as +John O'Connor just funded me so I can pay it forward :-) give me a few to get setup and I'll start helping out. 
Eric T
You are up to $1.40 :)
Much appreciated! Kicking it forward to all my co-workers and social circles!
Can someone hook me up? Thanks in advance.
can i get one please?
I would love to be able to send you some money!
andrew, you went to school with my bro
Is there a way to get the "attach money" button to appear in Gmail after you've signed up?
 I would appreciate the invite  EDIT: I appreciate it David
Thanks for doing this
Can someone please invite me
I would appreciate it if anyone could send me a penny ;-)
<got it, thanks to Seven Minaya!>
Hi Seven, could you invite me? many thanks!
<got it, thanks Seven!>
+Seven Minaya is that what it says when you try to send it?  Weird.. I have wallet on my phone and that's the email I use for it.
I've got 100 pennies, anyone who wants one message me and please pay it forward to me/others to be able to send more out :D
+Seven Minaya how long does it take to show it in gmail or we can directly send it from wallet also?
Is the any way I can get an invite.
May I please get an invite?
Would love an invite =).
I will be happy to return this favor if someone sends me an invite....  :)
+Jon Doe would you mind sending me an invite. I will pay it forward
Good morning,
Could somebody please invite me. I promise to return whatever you send me. Thanks a lot!!!!!
will forward same favour too if receiveing the invites. thx!
Yen Yee
Can someone send me an invite please.. Thanks!
Just send a PM. Thanks in advance. 
Can someone spare a penny?
Hey there if possible van you please send me an invite for sending money with gmail? +Ron Amadeo I will gladly return the favor to others who need it also. :)
Can someone please send me a penny invite? I promise to pay it forward and return some pennies to you! Email is:  robnelle {at} gmail {dot} com.
I'm a US resident.
Can someone send me a penny? Thanks a lot!
+Sanjaya Singh...can you help me out with a penny?
Thank you +sanjaya singh ! I did get the invite! I am still waiting for everything to be completely set up so I can send. It's taking quite a long time....
Anybody want to add another penny?
For anyone still waiting for the system to finalize. -You may have to refresh your email window to get it to show up. Not the compose window, the whole tab.
Would anyone be willing to send an invite? Will also pay it forward, many times over! 
+Nicolas Gramlich I tried to send you a penny and it told me you couldn't receive it right now. Do you have wallet? Do you have a US address?
EDIT: Thanks! I'll send out the dollar when I get set up.
Send me a penny and I'll send you back a dollar to keep things going. :) can someone send me a penny please ill return the favor
I would love to test this feature out! I'll even send a dollar back to the first person who sends me a penny!

Please spread the love and this awesome feature!
+Ms Robnelle Thank you! I'll send back a dollar so you can spread more of this love when the feature is enabled. Will I have to wait til it goes all the way through in a few days?
+Amrin Long  It takes a few business days for the bank account verification but if you have debit or credit card attached to your wallet, you can use that when the wallet integration completes which should take half an hour or less. I've been sending money to people using debit/credit.
Would anyone be willing to send an invite? 
Would anyone be willing to send an invite? 
Someone please sent a invite to me at
Anyone willing to send another invite?
+Linda Mitchell It'll take a few minutes to show up - maybe a half hour - and you need to refresh gmail. Then hover over the paper clip attachment symbol.

+Andy Willis Sure.
Thank you! Would you like your penny back or would you like me to pay it forward? :)
anyone else willing to share as well?  please and thank you :)
Thank you. much appreciated, kudos!
Ray Woo
Please invite me! Please!
Anybody still sending invites? Thanks!

Edit: Got one...thanks!  Will pay it forward!
If anyone has a penny they're looking to pass forward, I would greatly appreciate it, and be happy to keep passing it around. Thanks!
Thanks +Justin S ! Claimed. ;-) I'll keep my eye out here and send out some invites once gmail activates me fully.
Can I get one? I promise I'll pay it forward!
Ray Woo
Can I get an invite? I'll pay it back. email is posted few replies back. 
I need this invitation 1 penny PLEASE. Ill pay it forward THANK YOU
May I also join the virtual penny shuffling? All set! thanks in advance :P
+sanjaya singh Sorry nope .. i was too excited now i`we seen it works only for US. :((  . i live in Romania .:P . thanx anyway.
I am still waiting on mine. My email address is

It would be great if someone could pass me an invite. And I will pay it forward.
Anybody sending out pennies still? Will happily send some back
So is this thing working only for Us? is there a way to get it working for Romania? 
+sanjju simha thanks a lot for explanation  still confused why it doesn't go through (my wallet defaults to US address). I guess I will just wait, thanks again for trying! 
Would love to get an invite ( a penny) from somebody generous. I will send it back! Thanks
I never got one still, anybody, please...
hey! any chance for a penny invite? will definitely pass it on!  Thanks!
+Ron Amadeo If you get me in, Ill take 50 people off of your list for you :D
Or can anyone send me a penny :D Ill help get more people on
Is anyone able to send an invite please? Send me a message and I'll send you my email. Thanks!
+Ron Amadeo - you may want to set up a Google Drive Form, so that you can track the requests in an organized manner
I was just browsing Mr. Amadeo's posts and almost fell out of my chair after I saw the comment count.

What is going on here? Why is everyone giving each other one cent??
Hey  +Andrew Chiu, would you mind sending me a penny coryrc(at)gmail(dot)com?

Will pay you 501 pennys :)
could anyone send one to ???  Give me a penny, I'll give you a dollar!
Anyone want to send me a penny I will be more than happy to handle any requests for invites: THANKS!!!!!! 
I sent +Scott Wright one cent, if anyone else wants in feel free to post and "Plus" me.

I have enough pennys to go around. 
Anyone care to hook me up? I can give it right back :)
philthy100s @ Gmail dot com thanks again much appreciated.
+Sahil Gulati thanks so much been dying to try this out. Your the man. Will send you one right back.
No problem man, for anyone else wanting in you just need to send me your gmail/apps address and +mention me in your post
+Cory Capps Do you think you could send me one?
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