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Google Camera 2.0 Teardown - Timelapse Mode

This Google Camera is neat! One thing I see in the APK that's not accessible in the app is a Timelapse Mode. This should be in the mode list along with Video, Camera, Lens Blur, and the others. It even came with a little icon, which I've attached.

There's also a string for "Switch to Advanced Camera Mode," which I don't think shows up anywhere, although you can enable manual exposure in the settings. I'm not sure if these is the same thing or some kind of super special mode that will be enabled later.

Also Protip: If you're playing with the Lens Blur mode, be sure to go to the settings and change it to "High Quality," mine was on low by default.
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I'll be damned, didn't even see that settings icon, lol
Hell that was quick.
Wow that was quick! (:
Also, on the Nexus 5 volume button takes a photo
+Ron Amadeo I am observing a weird behaviour, whenever I use the "Lens Blur" Feature and I go back to normal camera mode, the "Touch to Focus" does not work until I completely kill the app and re-open
+Ron Amadeo Why do you think the white balance feature missing? Did Google incorporate that intelligent white balance based on location/weather patent?
Once you take a pic using blur the photo goes to your gallery for you to then play with it. Just swipe to the right and select the photo. You'll be able to adjust blur.
+Ron Amadeo well i realise that is still focuses but the animated target thingy doesn't show, at least for me 
Anyone know if it is possible to set the Google Camera as the default camera on a Moto X?
Do you still have the default camera on galaxy s4 if you install this app ie use either ?
Panorama resolution is also set to high by default, there is a maximum setting as well. Also +Chris Nacca pointed out to me and is correct, you can no longer take photos while recording video like you could before. At least we were not able to. 
Can anyone tell me how to zoom in while taking a photo? Just can't figure it out. 

Edit: Strangely pinch to zoom didn't work for me the first time out. Now it did.

P.S. Taking photos by pressing the volume keys still works. 
I can't get into the settings! Force close every time
+Gary Tomlinson Me too, which phone do you have? Did you flashed via recovery the previous version of the camera or you installed it? 
I've flashed it, I have a Galaxy note 2 with KitKat 4.4.2 (from Ditto Note).
+Brandon Peters Nexus 5 here on PA Beta 4 if it matters and I've encountered this exact same bug. It only happens after I edit the the blur strength. 
+Adam Slobodian I never used the "take pictures while filming" feature anyway. If I really want a specific frame I can just pull it out of the video later. Actually simpler that way since taking the pictures in a precise moment while recording was too impractical anyway. 
Me and some other people can't access to settings, can someone who can access and change everything to max resolution upload the "shared_prefs" folder or files located in \data\data\

Settings are only accessible when the camera modes are visible (camera, video, etc). A little cog shows up on the bottom right hand side. Every other time you have 3 dots to open options for your current mode.
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