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More Nexus 5 Colors!
Let's put a stop to this bullshit right now. 

Go to the Play Store ( click on the color options. See the spinny loading arrow, the screen transition, and URL change that happens when you change colors? None of that happens in this video.

It's fake. A really bad fake. The guy sucks at Photoshop, too.
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Yup, looks fake.

However, I have heard a rumor from one of our sources of a red N5 and possibly N7 for Valentines Day this year. We'll see if that actually happens. If it does, that source will suddenly gain a bunch of credibility.
Ron Amadeo
Awww that would be so cute.
Nexusmaker? Trying to steal some of Moto's thunder... 
+Victor Guzman Yup. Google, the company that owns Motorola, is trying to steal thunder from its subsidiary...
Motorola does much more than a few colors. This is more along the levels of Apple or Samsung, assuming this is true.
+Scott Mathison +Joshua Percell The spinning symbol is a hard coded thing. It doesn't matter how fast your computer/network is, it's going to pop up no matter what. There is also a screen fad transition that should be happening and it isn't.

The guy mocked up a fake web page and skipped the harder stuff.
Lmao, Google would never have the phone colors look that shitty.
Question is, why not? If you don't like it then get the standard version... This can't really hurt, can it?
Might be a fake but it makes sense considering the back and sides snap off. It would cost pennies to implement this. 
Hmm... just one photo. Kind of looks like a very thin case may be on it, but you never know. I think we'll wait for a second confirmation first.
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