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Hey. Someone noticed the funky "Nexus 8" over on and replaced it with.... this. It's now something that's supposed to represent a Nexus 7, only now it has a 40 foot tall system bar that is made out of painted glass instead of LCD pixels.

There's also a crazy streak of white...dust? or maybe leftover pixels from the photoshopping. If this was a Nexus 7, why didn't they have the original? Man, I don't even know anymore.
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What is the smaller tablet in the middle of the top/main image?

The left tablet appears to be the Nexus 7 (2013) based on the camera / light sensor and usb port, but the middle tablet looks shorter / smaller
"If this was a Nexus 7, why didn't they have the original?"

Maybe there's a good reason why they retouched it to start with?
The screen could even be off on the original...
Well, all I want is Google present this... or confirm that not exists!! because next week is my birthday and I wanted to buy me the Nexus 7 but after this possible Nexus 8 no longer going to buy it (I think), hoping for Google present that before Christmas .... : ( I just want my gift! Sniff sniff
This is all just dumb next tablet will be the Asus Nexus 10.
Honestly a nexus 8 makes no sense at all so I'm not inclined to believe any of this.
Presumably the original wasn't running KitKat so they had to photoshop it on.
Someone is REALLY bad at photo editing haha
My guess at how they did this:
- Get the original photo back from the studio again
- Remove screen entirely (screens are often re-added in post so they can be bright and perfect)
- Get Nexus 7 screenshot
- Cut off the nav bar, because the remainder interface fits above her finger
- Position that onto the image
- Realize that there's an awkward extra space left over that will make it inconsistent with the real device
- Think "whatever, moving on"
- Try and add the nav bar back in but fail horribly because who has time for doing something correctly
- Publish to the web
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