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APK Teardown: Play Store 4.0.26

Just some bugfixes, to mostly translation and something called "light purchase" billing. Nothing important sounding.

They also removed an unused string:
<string name="menu_always_update_manually">Always Update Manually</string>

This string is silly and unnecessarily wordy. An "Auto Update" checkbox works just fine.
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I really do wish they'd add a purchased section. I also wish they had some sort of Google Approved app system where apps get reviewed by a team at Google and if they fit a certain standard of design and quality they get a gold star or something like that and have them take priority of others when you search for apps. Also more advanced search filters would be amazing!
+Ron Amadeo Can you post a link to the new Play Store apk. Here in Australia, version 4.0.25 seems to be missing content on the home page...maybe this new one fixes it.
+Casey L-S Not that I know of, but I don't think that there are that many editor's choice apps to make sorting that much more useful.
+Ritish Oemraw It would be a lot more extensive than that I think and honestly I didn't really notice editors choice a whole lot.
The Play Store home page is now showing content for me here in Australia.
Any international stuff is going to happen server side, not in the app. Everything works, Google just needs to decide when to show it to you guys.
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