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What's the deal with Google I/O this year?

Have you noticed Google has never said when I/O will be this year? This is way behind the normal schedule. Previous announcement dates:

I/O 2013: Announced December 2012

I/O 2012: Announced October 2011

I/O 2011: Announced May 2010 (at the previous I/O!)

It's 2014 and we've never heard a date for I/O 2014! What's the hold up Google?
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Nothing official, but best guess is 6/24-26.
Perhaps they are looking to line up a larger venue, or waiting to see availability line up with product releases...
It'll probably be in May based on the fact that the Google Voice third party app API is being shut down then.
Now that I think about it, the best commercial for Nexus 5 was? No commercial, at all. Wanna know when I/O is? Make a guess!

Maybe Christmas is cancelled too, although I heard IO was happening in May, I'm sure +Guy Kawasaki  said that?!*

*Citation needed
Could Google pull a fast one on us and go with a venue other than Moscone? 
Sent this to Google on Jan 22: "Could you please comment on whether this date for Google I/O 2014, published by, is valid and legitimate? June 24-26, in Moscone."

That's the only place with any kind of dates related to Google I/O but because it's not officially from Google, we can't trust it.

Their response was basically wait and we'll let you know but nothing to announce at the time.
+Ron Amadeo, nope. They have Moscone North. Google uses Moscone West. (Two different buildings.)
I'm sure it's because they don't have a fixed release date for what they're going to show in I/O, possibly a public release of Glass.
+Ron Amadeo Ninja edit... When did Google quit showing "edited" on comments?
Man, I just hope it's later than May. Lolz

I don't care when it is, I just hope I can actually get in this time. Last year was terrible.
+Rob Aymett sure you can. just hold your finger over the screen and wait there til it shows up :P
+Rob Aymett You're probably holding your finger too far away. But make sure not to touch!
I accidentally touched.... I'll start over.
+TheChicken Bane Good points, but the press will always want to attend an event, even a truly developer-oriented event, and Google will always want the press there (any press is good press). I don't really think the press takes up developer spots all that much, since Google hands out press invites separately, and no doubt plans for the Keynote-only peeps. 

I think what they really need is a bigger venue.
What if Google is considering to split the IO into two separate events..? For the past two IOs Vic has always used words like "lack of time..". Keeping the keynote and dev sessions separate could solve such issues.
May be they want to wait until they get a hold of that ART thing. I'd say that's the most sought after thing in the next version of Android, whatsay +Ron Amadeo..?
+Jeff McIntire the world is ending... The Motorola deal, Sony VAIO and the Nexus Line may be a hint
No you are not the only one who noticed ;) Last thing I heard from some sources also pointed to "end of June" so June 24.26 seems a pretty good candidate right now. Though unless the date is officially announced this might still change...
Which leaves us with the "why"-question...
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