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Your Daily Google Babel Update:

Another day, another Babel sighting. I've been giving Chrome Extensions the APK Teardown treatment lately - saving the old versions and diffing them against updates. Today the Chat for Google extension updated (Thanks +Matthew Garbett) and just about every .js File now contains this: 

quasar_feedback_subtitle:{message:"Feedback on Babel"},quasar_feedback_server_uri:{message:""},quasar_feedback_user_legend:{message:"Feedback Comments"},quasar_feedback_system_legend:{message:"System Information"},

So it sounds like Chat for Google is going to turn into the Babel desktop app, which is great, because Chat for Google is awesome.
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+Luigi Aversano From screenshots it'll do emoji and pictures and hopefully files and also be integrated with G+ messenger but yeah I'm I feel like it needs Google Voice integration or it'll be some what pointless because that's still two apps instead of just one.
there are rumors that gvoice will be integrated later. not right away. 
+Jerry Lange So I've heard to me it just seems dumb that they should just merge the two extensions at least on the desktop side until they can figure out the mobile side.
Yeah so far it's looking like they've just merged Talk and Messenger. Here's hoping we won't have long to wait for it's Google Voice integration... preferably with MMS. 
+Glenn Barker I never used Messenger so it's just like I never saw the point of making a whole new IM client for G+ mobile when we already had Google Talk.
I only use gtalk and I hate how you cant send a picture message from the phone. i have so many pictures in my public dropbox folder cuz i upload them, then copy the link and past it in gtalk lol 
+Jerry Lange LOL I do the exact same thing. They just need full picture/file sharing support across the board and integrate in the texting app and google voice we really don't need 4 different messaging apps only one for all.
People outside the US have no idea what Google Voice is. To them, it means nothing. 
+Manish Sahai Well for those people they don't have to enable Google Voice support unless it is enabled in their country. But for a lot of people that do have it we use it as our main way of texting and calling.
plus if they put all 4 in one i dont have to try and talk my friends who have gtalk, g+, and g+ messenger to just use g+ messenger. i like that app, but its hard to get ppl to use it. plus it doesnt work in trillian. am i the only one who uses trillian on the pc side? 
+Jerry Lange Honestly I've been able to get everyone to migrate from their various IMs to Google Talk over the past year or so I have absolutely no one left on any other IM.
yeah same here, all that i want to talk to anyways. the rest use fb chat. thats why i use trillian. but trying to get ppl to use g+ messenger from gtalk is hard for me to do. everyone is just so used to gtalk 
+Jerry Lange If you have an Android phone you have Gtalk so Messenger was kind of pointless lol. As for Facebook I try and get as many of them on Gtalk as possible but sometimes just end up using FB.
true, but you can send pictures on messenger, you cant do that on gtalk. thats the only reason why i tried to get ppl to use it. most of my friends on fb are too stupid to know what gtalk is. 
i am also a trillian user, and for me to use Babel this will be a requirement that i can use a real desktop app and that i am not depending on the browser. The question is more how are they going to integrate it? Are they still speaking the same protocol (gtalk is jabber/xmpp)? If that is the case then everybody can integrate it into everything. (i am still annoyed that we just don't use jabber for everything, and why jabber clients of domain x can't chat with domain y because thats the whole point of jabber, thats it is exactly like email but then for chat)
+Johan Compagner I've been using Chat for Google for quite a while and it's essentially a full IM client chrome just hides in the notification bar as a globe so you don't have to have a browser window open to use it.
Let's not forget about video and voice chat.
Although we don't have Google voice here in Portugal (western Europe), I still find too much of a mess the coexistence of gtalk, Gmail chat (with both links for hangouts and video chat (the later is almost hidden in a drop down menu) , Google+ chat, Google+ messenger and hangouts.

This mess needs a cleanup.
I just wonder how and if they will accomplish the merge and if they will keep XMPP compatibility for third party IM clients.
Let's hope babel is the ultimate answer. 
+Francisco Nogueira From what I read idk that Babel will be completely open to XMPP for third party clients to use. As for video chat it's going to use WebRTC and Google+ Hangouts based on a couple posts I have seen. I would assume very soon Hangouts will use WebRTC as well. Seeing that WebRTC is not part of XMPP any external client will have to find a way to impliment WebRTC to do a vidoe chat.
If Google will release this before i/o and they already have released a lot of stuff rumored for I/O then what will be really released at I/O!
+Shreyas Sood Motorola hardware!

About Babel, I don't know.  It seems like most of the world don't care about SMS anymore, lots of carriers around the world are focusing more and more in mobile data and less in minutes/SMS.  That's why Whatsapp is getting so huge.  That being said, nobody stops Google to implement SMS but it wouldn't be surprised if they ignore it.
+ec gonzalez Most people I know still text more than anything else I would be happy if everyone I knew switched to  babel but I don't see that happening also a lot of people still don't have smart phones so they still have to text.
I think we will be getting it tomorrow or next week. Why make these changes if you are a month away from release 
Yep hopefully soon. A lot of the Chat for Google extension code is probably server side so it might just be a switch to enable it for us all.
+Ron Amadeo, where's your daily +Google Babel update for today? I'm super anxious now that Facebook released their messenger update with the talking heads and I can't test it out cause I left Facebook and I would really hate myself if I signed back up JUST to test it. 

So... I need my daily fix! :)
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