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Remember when the Android Market was built out of sticks and twigs and designed by absolutely no one? Those were the days.
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The third one is probably my favourite after the latest one. I loved how when you rotated the device to landscape the the green and white area were side-by-side.
I wish there was an option to have a dark theme on the newest version
Never seen the first iteration before. It look like the app before the last update :D
The scary thing is that I've used all of these versions before, and in only 3 years of Android usage. Crappy starter tablet FTW. Was lucky to HAVE a market with that tablet, lol.
Ohh i had the first market on my htc hero... old times good times :D
Erich W
all google apps should be skinnable 
+Ron Amadeo Hey, now - it looked great on the OG Samsung Galaxy Tab! That's probably the only time I used it in landscape.
Got a high res version of this image? :) 
How about the honeycomb android market?
Sadly, I'm still stuck with 3.10.14 on my N7. I've kinda liked those older markets. They were snappier on my old Desire ;P
+Danny Holyoake Try options -> download. It should be 2752 x 854.

Considering the G1 had a resolution of 480x320, that's pretty good. I'm not exactly dealing with fantastic source material over here. =P
Cheers. Was on my phone so I forgot that was a thing you could do.

None of the old screenshots are accurate. I don't see Talking Tom Cat anywhere. ;)
Never used the first version of the Android Market but have used all the others... Was the second from last picture ever called "Market"?? I thought that was when Google rebranded it to Google Play??
Is Google **EVER** going to have actual search filtering? It blows my friggin' mind that I can't browse apps by sub-category. "Games" is way too vague. Do you search the internet for "food", or "fun stuff"? No, we need to be able to sort by device requirements, genre, and sub-genre; at a bare minimum.

Example: You should be able to click the Games category, then choose Action, then choose FPS/First Person Shooter, then choose a device requirement such as games that require a quad-core processor. That way, I can only find true HD games, rather than relying on HD to be in the title by searching for key words.

Also, how about go to Games, then RPG, then FPS/First Person Shooter if I'm looking for an RPG that plays like a shooter, and being able to add search criteria such as requires a quad-core processor, and ALSO has integrated support for game controllers.

This mind-blowing level of searching has existed since like, the 70s, for searching databases of information. It is absolutely PATHETIC that the Play Store has nothing like this.

Please, Google. Get your mojo together. Actually searching the market is a joke; if you're looking for apps of any kind, it's far superior to use Google itself instead of the Play Store, and that's just ridiculous. Unless your intent is to drive people AWAY from the Play Store. In that case, well done...

Rant over. -.-
Used all but the first. Hated the third one because that carousel lagged so bad on my OG Droid. 
I preferred the third one some how, I've not really warmed to the 4th. Haven't tried the 5th yet, do you think it's worth switching? 
Thanks for the clarification +Ron Amadeo you forget these things even in a short space of time...
Ah the 'action bar' on Gingerbread, fourth image. Good times.

Thanks for these Ron. Nostalgia.
I kinda miss the gray notification bar ;-)
+James Brown you're going to end up getting it anyway lol..I like the newest one though myself
+Zac Hess, I'm hoping they add something like that back in.  It needs to be tweaked a bit, but I think it could go really well with Google's current design language, as in, the card ui.  Black is easier on the eyes, though, so if they don't change it, i won't mind too much
As with Android, the Market/Play Store has come a long way very quickly. PS. Am I the only one who thinks they should have used Google Market as the rebranded name instead of Google Play?
+Chris Lacy I remember everyone saying that the first day it happened. Google Play is such a bad name. I can't take it seriously.
It grows on you after awhile.. Or I've just become used to it
oh how far we have come really digging the new design especially on the tablet
Wow thats what Google play looks like when you're not in New Zealand. We only have Apps, Games, Music.
None of these are what my Market looked like back in the day on 2.2. Is there one missing?
+Ron Amadeo yeah thanks a lot for that 'designed by no one' comment. I'm sitting in a cafe in Bangkok and pretty much spit out my drink laughing. Needless to say I'm really popular here now. Haha 
The horrors of the past..
Is that a Gallery widget in the first one? Those things suck!

I like how four out of five of these screenshots include some form of action bar. It's interesting to see the pattern evolve like this.
I still don't have the new one....
I've been wanting a screen shot like this forever. Thanks! 
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