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Gallery Deathwatch
The Gallery is dooooooomed! The Google+ photos app is clearly going to kill it. 

• G+ Photos was renamed "Photos" in the last update.
• Google+ Photos can do nearly everything the Gallery can do, including handle local files from the camera.
• The Gallery and Camera used to be a single APK, but in KitKat, the Camera was broken out into a separate app called "Google Camera."
• The Gallery is the only app that didn't get a high-rez icon in KitKat. 
• The Gallery still displays G+ photos as from Picasa, and can't delete or organize them, while the G+ app can.
• The Gallery was not included in early KitKat builds.
• The Gallery editor got updated a bit in KitKat, yes, but a lot of the files are tagged "plus_editor," so they share a codebase.

tick tick tick
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I was actually confused that the Gallery was included in Kit Kat.

Also, to add to your list:
-The gallery is the only app that didn't lose the #33b5e5 over scroll fade effect, meaning they really didn't update any of it.
Honestly, I'm surprised they didn't kill it in KitKat. It has no real use now, Photos is better across the board.
+Hayden Lueck When does the Gallery display a blue overscroll? The main view overscroll is a tilt effect. The editor overscroll is gray on my N5. The overscroll stuff is usually handled by the framework.
For me the photos app only displays auto-backed-up photos from the device I'm viewing it on, not all the devices that backup photos to my account. Pretty sure it's a bug rather than intentional though, unless anyone knows different - I've been having sync problems recently. 
Didn't they update the photo editor part of gallery?
Google plus photo apk may be uninstalled. In Europe might accuse them of monopoly for force to people to use the g+ photo apk, like they did with msf and explorer browser.
+Scott Mathison What do you mean? I have 11 sharing options for the gallery and 11 for G+ photos.
Tim P
The gallery also doesn't play gif files.
Google is taking more control over the internal elements of Android as each day goes by. What will this mean for the long term survival of AOSP? I mean, obviously it will survive but if no one is developing these core apps.....then what?
+Ron Amadeo If you zoom into a picture and try to overscroll up/down at the top/bottom, there's a blue glow.  At least on a Nexus 4 running an AOSP version of 4.4.
Tim P
The gallery is still there because not everyone with an android phone or tablet, uses Google+
+Ron Amadeo I don't think G+ Photos allows you to download full G+ albums like the Gallery for offline viewing. That's an important feature for a tablet that doesn't always have Internet connection. 
If you disable the gallery, go to the camera, swipe right to see your photos, and then click the upper-left corner, what happens?
+Tomas Haley-Ohrt excellent question. The app closes. That's probably the last thing they need to work out.

Edit: the app closes AND IT DELETES YOUR LAST PHOTO! damn.
There are all new photo editing features in the Gallery for editing on  the device
+Ron Amadeo , would they be able to remove Gallery and make changes to Photos through app updates, or will we have to wait until something like 4.5 or 5.0 to see this fully implemented? Your best guess?
+Jace Hernandez I'm pretty sure removing an app would require an new version of Android. Photos is part of G+ and can be updated though the Play Store.

You can update apps and turn them into differently-named apps through the Play Store (see Google Hangouts vs Google Talk) but I'm pretty sure removing an app would require a new system image.
I just hope they integrate the Gallery Photo Editor on the Photos app before they kill Gallery, specially now that there are new features.
You can disable the Gallery on a Moto X and when you swipe to the left it goes to G+ Photos. Only problem is you can't swipe BACK to get back to the camera. 
Gallery can delete photos on your phone without deleting the uploaded copy. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you delete a photo on the G+ Photo's app, it deletes the copy on your phone and the auto-uploaded copy.
Then why Google has put so much effort in building up a non-destructive photo editor in Gallery?
+Brandon Kindoll I disabled the gallery on my Nexus 4 and from the camera app I can swipe right to see my pictures and swipe left to get back to the camera.
+deepayan neogi I wonder how much work it would take to bring the new photo features to the G+ Photos app? Would it be cut and paste or would you have to work from scratch?
I believe if they really wanted to bury Gallery Google wouldnt put the effort in Kitkat itself, they could have put the same photo-editor enhancements in "Photos". This thing itself may be shows Gallery aint going nowhere.
The Gallery app has different sort options too. I didn't see that in Photos.
I absolutely do not like the Photos app. Maybe it's mainly because I'm not used to it, but I prefer the ability to see a lot more thumbnails at one time. On top of that, I don't like the feel of it being integrated into G+.
The gallery app may be dead, but the photos app is far from replacing OEM's apps. I refuse to use it until it can bundle all my burst shots into one thumbnail, like the album app on my Z1 can do. I hate scrolling past 61 pics for every burst shot I do.
The only thing the old gallery is good for now, is watching movies. The new one keeps the status and navigation bars, while the old one would hide them.
andy o
+Ron Amadeo re: sharing options, the gallery app is uglier but still better, it keeps the most used sharing app for a one click share, and the 3 most used ones after that in the first menu. The photos app just arranges them alphabetically who knows how.
+Ron Amadeo I upgraded my gallery to the one from kit kat and installed the camera app than disabled gallery and everything works fine with only camera and photos :-) edit: except the tiny planet filter on photo spheres but who needs that lol.
+Ron Amadeo NFC transfers don't work with Google+ photos. It just opens the g+ app on the other phone.
It is a good thing too. Between Gallery, Photo (& even Snapseed since both apps use its tech), a Hangouts treatment is needed.
New Google Photos is great but it doesn't have offline mode as the old Gallery, that's what I miss
Rex Wu
How can i sort my photos by taken time inside a local folder from the photo app?
Fun fact: Google+ Photos uses something looking a lot like Snapseed for the photoeditor. Even filters names are the same.
But, Google+ Photos cannot make tiny planet from a Photosphere. You still need Gallery's editor for that. And G+ Photos for the Photosphere thumbnails shows unprocessed image. You can see stitches. If you open it, it renders fine though.
Pretty surprised this hasn't been mentioned yet, or hasn't been noticed yet but you can open animated gifs and run it in g+ photos as opposed to the gallery, where it just show a static image of the animated gif. 
Major issue for me when it comes to Photos versus Gallery: where/how the hell can I check what and what hasn't already been backed up?

In the Gallery I can clearly see the Auto-backup folder with a little Picasa (?) icon whether in Photos I can't find any way of checking it.

If I disable the gallery I'll have to open the g+ Web version in a browser to make sure my stuff is already in the cloud before I decide deleting it from my 8GB N4.
+Francisco Nogueira in the camera tab of Google Photos you will see a cloud icon that means it has already been uploaded to Google+
+Francisco Nogueira in the g+ app, there is cloud icon. If its dilled, its backed up. If its just outltne, its not backed up
Like +Tech Goat said, they really need some move and sort options in the g plus photos app. As of right now it's a complete mess, which is unfortunate because in gallery everything is very orderly. There are some great features in photos app, I especially like the movie maker, but the basic functionality has got to be there before it can replace the gallery. 
Well well well...
Let me just mention that I just cleared g+ app data and now I can see those cloud icons.
In fact, some force closes I was getting when clicking the date in the photo highlights section, are finally gone.
I can even see photos that I was only seeing in the gallery.
Great. It all makes much more sense now.
thks +Rafa Ramírez and +Rohan Mishra for helping. 
When you want to pick a picture, you currently must choose between Gallery and the G+ thing, which is stupid and a bad user experience.
+Ron Amadeo in pretty sure you could remove an app by deploying an apk that doesn't have an app icon. Of course, it wouldn't actually help in any way and there would never be a sensible reason to install the update, but it's possible.
+Ron Amadeo hangouts replaced Google talk with just an app update. I'm sure Google Play Services can do whatever it wants at this point so I wouldn't assume we need an OS update to fix the gallery.
+Ron Amadeo but why would they have given the Gallery app such rich editing capabilities? Plus I still see picasa lingering around in sharing options. It is frustrating. Love the G+ photos app thou. Just wish it had the sane editing capabilities as the gallery app.
+Ron Amadeo one thing that they'd need to put in the "Photos" app is the Tiny Planet filter for full Photospheres (not sure if it was mentioned already as I didn't read every comment on this post)
nope. Camera has never been in the store. A clone will be though.
Good gallery has been lacking and G+ photo's is picking up the slack.
+Taylor Wimberly They couldn't put it in the Play Store for everyone as is, most of the OEM camera apps have all these special features that the stock app doesn't support. Also, the stock camera app kind of sucks and no one would use it. The only way it makes it to the Play Store is if Google decides to start heavy development of it, then they could do out-of-cycle updates just for Nexus devices through the play store.

+Dor Kleiman Excellent idea!

+everyone saying the gallery app got new editing features: I mentioned that. The editor mostly isn't new, so there really hasn't been that much development on it lately. There are maybe 4 new buttons/filters/whatever. The code base for the editor is clearly shared between G+ and the Gallery, porting stuff over from one to the other probably isn't a big deal.

I know there's one or two things the Gallery has that G+ doesn't have, and the G+ editor would need to be brought up to the Gallery's level, but that's why they didn't pull the trigger on removing the Gallery yet. They aren't done.
Heard NFC doesn't work from it. Haven't tested it though. 
If you scroll to the right in the Android camera app, you will be taken into some sort of gallery with a link in the top left corner to the gallery app - even if it isn't installed on your phone
Artur Z
Goggle photos can open gif files ,gallery can't 
+Ron Amadeo yeah the second option is what I meant. Put camera app in play store just for nexus devices. Then put more resources on it and start improving the heck out of it. 
Photos look better in the AOSP Gallery app then the Google Photo app. The resolution in the Photos app is very low.
+Ron Amadeo additionally, Photos will not allow for Photo Spheres to be uploaded to Google Maps (to eventually be posted in Google Maps Views)
I miss the filmstrip view where I can swipe to delete, relied on this heavily
Like standalone SMS got kicked out of KitKat. I was actually surprised to see both apps. I'll default to G+ Photos on my Nexus 5, I'll be prepared.
I prefer the album layout of Gallery, makes much easier to manage many albums
+Ron Amadeo, When will we see a real RTL support in Android? So far it is support for viewing only, when will text be encoded as RTL as well?
Tried to send a pic from my camera via NFC today to another Nexus 5 from the Photos app, all it did was open G+ on the other Nexus 5. That needs to be updated and a few other things before the Gallery goes away. 
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