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Chromecast Is Sort-Of Android Based

This article is really awesome it states that the Chromecast is actually stole some bits from Android. I even got a request (and this link) from @zhuowei for a teardown.

So I looked. But, as it turns out, it's only the low level stuff from Android. That's not really my department. There's no APKs to tear down, or really anything for me to look at.

Here's my interpretation of the article.
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+Ron Amadeo - Could you put that in pie chart form and could we get that in cornflower-blue?
I was thinking the same thing. It's a smart move to use the core part of Android to run this thing. 
+James Brown Technically, the 'core' of Android (and Chromecast) is the Linux kernel and assorted drivers, which is at the heart of most mobile OSes like Android, Firefox OS, Ubuntu Touch, Chrome OS, Jolla OS.
Yes, +Kam-Yung Soh , that's right, Linux is the core of all these platforms. It's hard to find a truly original OS now, but then again, why develop the whole thing from scratch when there is solid foundations already at your grasp. 
Wait, I thought chrome os was Linux based as well. If I'm right, why are they saying it's more android than chrome os?
Is it suprising that Google is re-using the low level ARM-optimized code on an ARM based SoC?
Why write the same code twice...
+Scott Warner It's not surprising at all. I'm more surprised that people are calling it android.
+Saeed Tawil same here. It's only android in the tiniest, most low level sense. 
Technically, it IS a simplified version of Chrome OS
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