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A rollout actually hit me first!
Here's Google+

According to Google:
Bug Fixes
Performance Improvements
Auto Awesome notifications
Teardown stuff:
Video downloads
Satellite View on the map
Restrict resharing of posts
Hangouts on Air UI tweaks
Removed a bunch of G+ Messenger code... It was called "Buzz"?! dear lord.
There's a "ProfileSuspensionActivity" activity... No idea.
Nothing too groundbreaking
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+Colton Walker old do'. About a month before I joined Ars I got a corporate job, they would not have been happy with a brightly-colored faux hawk. Now that it's gone, I don't really miss it. I donno. I never know what to do with my hair.
wow...guess you are getting paid a bit more? with the new hair cut and glamour shot? haha...looking good sir
Yeah, that's true. Make sense; good on ya', though; looks good! Hope Ars keeps treating you well!

Freeloaders. =P
red is my least favorite color but in this instance I am happy to oblige so 3.....2.....1.....
I noticed the loading ribbon on the top of the app, after you pull it and refresh it, looks much better on tablets. Instead of a couple large lines of color it is more segmented. I hope you understand that lol

Edit: Actually the phone oriented app got this visual update too. 
Actually, I take that back, I think the +1 button is broken...

It reads "+1" for me in several browsers, I can make it go to 2, but other people have said they've plussed it.  Is it higher than "1" (not counting you) for anyone else?
What do you think about the Nexus 4 price reduction, Ron?
+Colton Walker Nexus 5!!!

I hope. I mean, really, $199 for an unlocked phone of that quality is insane. That has to be a clearance price. They can't be making money on it.
+Colton Walker +Ron Amadeo I'm thinking it is to make way for the Moto X. I feel like Google could sell it near Nexus 4 pricing (before today's reduction). Maybe something like $350 -16gb and $400 - 32gb?
That's what I'm hoping +Ron Amadeo !!! I agree on every point. I'm sure hoping new Nexus! I've been waiting to upgrade my Galaxy Nexus until the new one, but this is tempting for Moto X, +Derek Traini , that sounds fairly plausible, but I sure hope not! Nexus FTW!!! :p
Trust me +Colton Walker I'd love a Nexus phone as my next phone, but with Verizon, the Moto X is the closest thing I got haha. 
The new plus one animation looks a little fuzzy. Also I miss the Google pull down refresh. Now its blue instead of the 4 color lines like before
Nvm, the color refresh pull down is there on the main feed/page, but its not on per post/detail view. Some small room for improvement to match on both.
There's a pull-to-refresh on the per-post view, now? Awesome!
There is a recycle button and I think the pull down blue is for refresh, but it could be for overscan. If so, it would make more sense to have it be a pull to refresh.
Nvm false alarm no per post pull down. The feed pull down looks great though
Dashed. Hopes.

I'm going to go crawl in a hole, now.

See you in a Key Lime Pie.
Yikes, your new avatar caused me to almost skip right by you. I thought you were from What's Hot, or something, I guess...

"Removed a bunch of G+ Messenger code... It was called "Buzz"?! dear lord."

That's not nearly funny enough to justify my giggle fit upon reading it.
Oh man. Scrolling is loads better on my 2013 n7
Is there a way to sort the order of your circles in the dropdown list in the Android app?  They're sorted in the same order as in the browser on my iPad, but my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 sort them in some weird random order.
Did the hashtags on posts cycle to show when there's more than one before? 
The buttons are more squared now. Weird. And when you +1 something on the Nexus 4 the phrase +1 gets slightly blurred out.
Is it me or comments button doesn't work anymore in timeline ?

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