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Nexus 5 APKs: Google Keyboard 2.0.19003.893803a

EMOJIS!! (And all the blue is gone.)
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Gahh how do you extract them? I have been trying to use WINRAR and get them but can't :(
Andy L
Ron!! You deserve extra treats tonight my friend! Thank you!
This is like keeping up late in the night to see the oscars cerimony (I'm in western europe, if you're asking...)
🔝🔙🔛🔜🔚⏳⌛⏰♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓⛎=O :-P ;) :-( :-) :-! :-$ B-) :O :-* :-D :'( :-\ O:-) :-[

The selection is pretty limited. And I don't know if I like the word suggestions being gray. But I'm sure it will fit in better on 4.4.
belay that, the selection is good it just scrolls horizontally.
I kinda like the blue in the system UI.

Also are these emoji the standard Unicode ones?
Does anyone have hardly any emoji? I'm on 4.1.2, I assume that's why?
Andy L
+Derek Traini I'm sure. Ron's on a device pre 4.4. Strange there's just a select set.
Wish there was a color selector. The gray all blends together 
Nice and weird at the same time... with the white-ish scheme..;-) 
I wonder what else we get tonight :). Today has been all treat so far!!
Possible to extract androidemoji.ttf as well?
Boo! I really like the blue. Now it's white like everything else out there...
The white makes it look like it's under a black and white filter or something... I prefer holo blue, but we'll have to see.
Anyone else get the full emoji set? 4.2 device only shows a small subset. 
Why no android faces 😁😂😃😄😅😆😇 and monkeys 🙈🙉🙊🐵🐒? 
In don't liked new colors either. Looks like windows 95. 
Not that important, but there are some subtle animations in settings, when picking a language dictionary. Maybe an example of new transitions framework...
Hmm, I'm confused why the Nexus5 emoji's are color, also, it appears there are additional ones. What is the difference if this was pulled from the N5? +1 on the monkeys and stuff too :P
this is just a yucky keyboard 
I cannot get all those emojis though. Only get i and a half pages of them. Any idea?
Why is there no microphone button on my N5/KK keyboard, even though I have the voice input option checked...?
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