Rollout Wednesday - Google Keyboard v1.1
(thanks to +Jordan Khoviteri-Zadeh for the heads up)

Teardown stuff:
Multi-word swiping!
<string name="gesture_space_aware">Phrase gesture (Confidential)</string>
<string name="gesture_space_aware_summary">Input spaces during gestures by gliding to the space key</string>

"Confidential"? Can anyone get this to work?

Cloud dictionary?
There's a new activity called "ExternalDictionaryReaderActivity." It goes out to "languagemodel" (see URL, G+ screws with the link) for... something. Maybe this is the "ask Google for suggestions" spell check that exists in Chrome. That would be awesome. 

I think this would only work in debug mode
There are a few files with names like, which would suggest this is only for debug mode. You can turn debug mode on by starting up an activities launcher (like nova launcher) and going to shortcuts-> activities -> Google Keyboard -> Android keyboard Debug settings. Tapping on the version number will put you in debug mode (there are also fun theme settings here). Now your keyboard suggestion bar will have all sorts of crazy numbers on it, I know, but does it work any differently? I don't think so.

The Keyboard App really likes this Language Model site
As +Derek Traini points out, trying to go to this link (download | languagemodel) on an android device will ask you if you want to open the site with the keyboard app (it force closes). Shit is getting weird.
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