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Rollout Wednesday - Google Keyboard v1.1
(thanks to +Jordan Khoviteri-Zadeh for the heads up)

Teardown stuff:
Multi-word swiping!
<string name="gesture_space_aware">Phrase gesture (Confidential)</string>
<string name="gesture_space_aware_summary">Input spaces during gestures by gliding to the space key</string>

"Confidential"? Can anyone get this to work?

Cloud dictionary?
There's a new activity called "ExternalDictionaryReaderActivity." It goes out to "languagemodel" (see URL, G+ screws with the link) for... something. Maybe this is the "ask Google for suggestions" spell check that exists in Chrome. That would be awesome. 

I think this would only work in debug mode
There are a few files with names like, which would suggest this is only for debug mode. You can turn debug mode on by starting up an activities launcher (like nova launcher) and going to shortcuts-> activities -> Google Keyboard -> Android keyboard Debug settings. Tapping on the version number will put you in debug mode (there are also fun theme settings here). Now your keyboard suggestion bar will have all sorts of crazy numbers on it, I know, but does it work any differently? I don't think so.

The Keyboard App really likes this Language Model site
As +Derek Traini points out, trying to go to this link (download | languagemodel) on an android device will ask you if you want to open the site with the keyboard app (it force closes). Shit is getting weird.
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I just noticed today that when you go to your google account page there is an edit link next to the input tools.  Open that and you can check "synchronize user dictionary".  

Maybe it has always been there and I never noticed.  Or maybe it is related?
I'll look at it and let you know!
Ron do you think did something with stagged roll out ?
I am getting it before your posts :/
I use to get them after days
Why does it still seem subpar compared to SwiftKey... I would have thought google would have really taken the keyboard to the next level... 
+Jaime Uribe bummer, I am really hoping Google can go above and beyond SwiftKey (for the sake of me being pure Google everything). I am sure it will get better.
+Ron Amadeo cloud dictionaries would be awesome to make auto-correct and other things suck a lot less.
+Ron Amadeo I LOVE that you're putting these on drive/google docs. Means I can install it on my phone/tablet in 2 taps. 
+Marco Duran Cool, as long as Drive doesn't have a bandwidth limitation or anything I can keep doing that... does it?
+Ron Amadeo Users can overload Drive and 'break' it from download the file too much (I think the timeout period is 24 hours) but it has happened to me before.
+Ron Amadeo Quick Google search pulls up the same info +Keyan X mentioned, but for the life of me I couldn't find what the actual limit is.

However, some of the support docs seem to suggest that there is a difference in the number of times something can be downloaded between private/public files, with public files having a much higher limit. So, maybe the answer is to leave the apk files as public?

I guess the only way to really find out for sure is to contact Google directly. OR you can keep trying it until all the folks from +Ars Technica start following you on G+ and push you over the limit. 
Hey +Ron Amadeo are you Roido Ando?  I ask because the log on that linked page to language model gives me a list of entries from Roido Ando.
+Ron Amadeo I just clicked on that link you just posted and it took me to the Google Keyboard app, then force closed..
+Scott Kieley You are correct Scott - the dictionary sync option specifically within Input Tools is definitely new / recent. I was in there the past week and did not see it because it was unchecked in my case - and I would never leave something so important under-utilized since I use multiple input languages.

Even though it may not have been directly related to the release of this keyboard, it was a good catch nonetheless!

I am hoping more people can confirm this.
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