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Google Now's "news" feature is really, really annoying. There is lots of news that I'd like to see on here, but for some reason it always brings me garbage from the bullshittiest trash-blogs on the internet. It seems to love this "International Business Times AU" site for some reason, which feels an MS-Paint-fueled fantasy from some random internet user is worthy of a 400-word article.

This is the same feature that was promoting stolen versions of my work on a scraper site over the actual site.

I could understand a few bugs when it launched but it was promoting trash then and it's still promoting trash now. Can we please get some filtering on the sources for this? Until then I guess I'm going to tell it I'm not interested in "Smartphones and Tablets," which feels wrong. 
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Thoroughly agree!!! I constantly have to swipe away the so called news. It should be fixed 
Yeah, I hate when Now sends me some click-bait Ars post.
Yeah, I feel like they've really suddenly opened the floodgates on this in the past month or so. I've always had it turned on, but only recently has it started sending me stuff. And yeah, usually they're for bands I've +1'd. Stuff I'm not really interested in. I wish it would let me rank things instead of just "interested" or "not".
Google Now is great for stuff you specifically ask for (reminders, stocks, directions, etc) and really bad at predicting what you want, at least for me. 
I had given feedback to Google several times via Now about this issue and requested them that they introduce some way of ignoring/blocking such click bait websites but nothing so far.. When I read that source I just swipe it away without opening it cause I know its BS..
I think what's going on is that these sites are winning some sort of SEO race. I can't explain it otherwise.
Yeah I get link bait bullshit from some Indian tech site and very little else.
Amen to this post. The IBT posts are extremely annoying. They're nothing but garbage linkbait with misleading headlines. I refuse to click on anymore of their stories, but +Google really needs to roll out a filter service ASAP
Gottabemobile is another site that comes up a lot.  Rarely it has good info, but most of the time the author publishes 10+ paragraphs where 1 or 2 would suffice.
andy o
Happens also in the Newsstand app, in categories (Science, etc.).

+Ron Amadeo In Google Now there's also the option to follow individual sites you've visited, have you tried visiting this site while logged in to Google, waiting for it to appear in Google Now and then telling Now you're not interested in this site's updates? I wonder if it will also block it from categories.
Too bad they can't pull in stuff you subscribed to in Google Reader :-\ 
It sucks for tech news yeah, but for sports news its quite good.
+andy o ...where is this? I tried the magic wand and hitting "everything else," but those are subjects, not sites.
I agree.. But, you know you can turn it off though, right?
+Ron Amadeo Who on G+ could we bring into this thread to raise our concerns with?  I see the same kind of nonsense as well at times.
+Christopher Bowley That's not the point. We want recommendations and update - just not from 'established' or marked bullshit sources. I am also blasted with articles from IBT. My guess is they've figured a way to SEO (spam) Google Now's algorithm.
+Vik Arya Now is part of the "Knowledge" department and this seems to be a SEO thing so my best guess would be +Matt Cutts.
Same here! wish I thought of turning it off ages ago :)
It loves showing me Moto G news from India for some reason :/
+andy o +Ron Amadeo seems you also have to sync your Chrome browsing history:

On a side note: I don't have the "Continue to get updates from websites you visit often" option in my "Everything else" settings menu (probably because I never answered the question prompt, but instead just let the cards come up on their own). But I still get updates from a few websites now and then. I wonder if they'll show me more if I actually confirmed my interested in these types of cards, or others.
Doesn't hitting the menu button on the card (three dots on upper right) give you the opportunity to train it by telling it you do or do not want more stuff like that?
The card menu settings (three dots) lets you say which sites you do or don't want to get updates from. I've used that a few times and haven't seen those sites again (at least for now).
Being interrupted with stuff that doesn't concern me is why I always disable Now.  It seems to me, unless you live a very active life, in a big city, it's just going to annoy you more than help.  That "6 minute commute home" warning just isn't worth all the garbage.
I wish Google Now had a feature where you can add the sights you wanted updates from not from junk sites.
Since I live outside the US, I will be happy for any content at all that appears.
I hardly notice I've got something like Google Now on my phone! :-P 
+1000 dude.. this should be fixed. Glad others feels the same. 
I find that for breaking stories Circa has never failed to notify me while Google Now says nothing (ironically the only time it isn't blasting me with these dumb articles.)
For whatever unknown reason, Now has deemed Fox News as my source of choice. I wish there was an option to change that. 
I'm pretty sure the day the Nexus 6 is actually announced will be the first day that Google Now has nothing to say about it. 
+Ron Amadeo  Have you tried tweaking your G News settings on the desktop site? It seemed to help boost the quality in Now for me.
Google News used to have a way to turn up and down the volume of news sources, but it doesn't seem to apply to Google Now. You can say what topics you want, needs to give you the option to say what sources you want. Same or bigger problem with Newsstand. I love it, but I read an article about Kristen Bell once and now I get overrun with Tmz garbage. 
I hope someone from Google Now/Search team is watching this or atleast tag them here.
They took it out some of the priority settings in an update at some point, weather used to be more persistent for me.
I hope anyone reading this realizes that the complaints (mine anyway) stem only from how great and valuable Google Now is otherwise. 
And E
I get the same from IBT AU, but I actually am in Australia (so I thought Google was presuming the site was relevant to me). Weird that people outside AU are seeing it to.

It's total spam.
My Newsstand gives me local news and weather stories from Kansas sometimes... not really sure how the algorithm came up with that. I'm in Arizona.
I experienced the same thing. so i just removed the nexus posts from my now updates all together  to avoid the unnecessary reminders.
IBT is total trash and should be ignored at all costs for their obvious click bait stories. 
This is the ONE thing about Google Now that I completely hate and it irritates me to no end. I picture this dipshit Googler who is doing this for a second cousin or a brother in law. "Hey bro I really love your sister, I'll promote your website to every Android user under the sun if you help me convince your dad to let marry her..."
They killed Google reader for this?! 
hows ocean city recovering +Ron Amadeo .
also can you please help me understand the difference between that and egg harbor township.
I found your post searching for other people experiencing these garbage sources in Good Now. I get Christian Post, Epoch Times, and tons of click-bait "articles" with no real substance. I don't understand how this is happening. Google must know that I read +The Verge and +AnandTech. . . . How are they even allowing Google Now to deliver spammy content? Surely they're aware of this. . . . 
They are aware of this and are making money from this, what really pisses me off is I get 'news' exclusively from the irritable bowel times and Christian times... Nothing I ever use to find real information shows up and there is no way to block the crap either
I couldn't agree more. I get the same super click bait "articles" constantly. Really wish we could set it up ourselves.
My experience with Google Now and its content sourcing has greatly improved over the last year. +Ron Amadeo - has your experience improved at all since you posted this?
Mine's gotten better, but not much. Still loaded with meaningless filler. "Black Panther to be featured in Age of Ultron" was a blog that in about 200 words explained that the fact that we know Ultron is made of Vibranium, which comes from Wakanda, which is wear Black Panther is from... therefore Age of Ultron stars Black Panther. Right? Right?  
ESPN spam constantly fills my Now stream. I've had to disable stories entirely to get it to stop. Google Now has become fucking useless.
I totally agree, I have had constant pope cam going in Google now since the
update, why is there no 'who gives a f' button
Well, the key point here is Fox News is not news. It's pure propaganda for the spoilers of our world. Just because they might have good seo doesn't change the fact that their seo success includes mislabelling as a journalist organization. Why can't we go after them for mislabelling, and then Google for promoting the lie that fox includes news. You can't use false claims or labels on a box of cereal, so why do we not have the control to ignore their meaningless dribble?

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