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Ok people, it's Rollout Wednesday (I am making this a thing), so be on the lookout for updates.

Check all your Play Stores throughout the day, and +me with a version number if something new pops up. Let's get this stuff discovered and hosted and torn down.

Updates so far:
- Google+ v4.1.1
- Google Keyboard v1.1
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Ron, can you confirm or deny whether or not Rollout Wednesday involves Transformers?
First update is rolling out +Ron Amadeo , Google Keyboard update just hit my Nexus 4. Nothing significant from the change log apart from the fact that they added long press number keys on tablets. Hurrah.
I'm rooted, I'd normally use APK extractor, as I'm terrible with adb commands... But its not available to extract. But it looks like a general roll out, rather than phased as my n7 just got the update too.
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