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Nexus 5 APKs: Google Text to Speech Engine

The old version was I guess this will sound better?
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+Eduardo Pratti I am not sure! It seems we need the newest Play Services for Search to work, which is tied into Google Home.
Doesn't work for me. Anyone have the previous version? Other apps so far (Hangouts, Keyboard) worked fine.

Or maybe it just needs the new play services.
Google Search doesn't work without the new Play Services. Google Home IS COMPATIBLE WITH THE GALAXY NEXUS!
My Google search crashes when I make a search.
+Jason Bunselmeyer no, the new version, the Drive download link was not allowing any download. Already made a copy to my Drive, and downloaded.
+Marzio Massari 
Open the original link.
File -> Move to folder
Drive -> Check the file -> More -> Make a copy
Now, you can download.
It doesn't seem to work on my galaxy s3
+Abhichat Sarakun the size is a jump from the z I admit but as long as you get screen protectors and a case it is simple to get used to but if you want something that not many people have defo get this phone I love it I'm sure you would aswell
not work on CM 10.2 (Nexus7_2012)
Please help me get my older version of TTS and Google search they are both continuely crashing :(
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