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Google Wallet v1.6-R96-v13 Teardown

This isn't on AP because it's really not hardcore news, but I figured I'd write about what's different anyway, since people keep asking. 

In short: lots and lots and lots of cleanup. The following things have been completely removed from the app:

• The Google Wallet Card (
• P2P Transfers (
• The Prepaid Card (Which is dead anyway -
• Tipping Stuff (Which I don't think I ever wrote about)
• Terrifying debug screens that say things like "PPMS Transaction Details" and "No AIDs found after selecting PPSE"

I don't know if this means all this stuff is dead or not. I'm pretty sure the Wallet Card will still be a thing one day, because the beta sign-up page ( is still live. It's probably just delayed.

I did at least call the redesign. (
"Actually, it wouldn't surprise me to see the whole app get a revamp, this 2x3 Dashboard look is seriously dated (we're talking a Froyo-era design), and just about every app that used it has switched to something more modern. Having the first screen of your app be only navigational elements isn't helpful. In the newest release, they've added a few PNG files for holo tabs, which are, hopefully, the beginnings of a redesign. (They are 6-pixel-wide blue squares and not worth posting)."

But that's about it, a new design and lots of cleanup. I still do teardowns for most new Google Apps, but you guys only get an article if I actually find something. There just hasn't been much new stuff lately.

I should have a new article out in a few days - a Stock Android Isn't Perfect sequel. That will be fun.
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Removal of the Google Wallet card?! Darth Vader says: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...........
Thanks for the notes. Even if it's not news, it's still interesting. I can see not posting this on AP though, not because it's technically not news-worthy, but it would probably insight a lot of gossiping and rumor chasing (especially with the physical card).
Any fixes to the reliability issues on the Nexus 4 that you posted about a while ago +Ron Amadeo?  Has there been any answers from Wallet support about it?
+Jason Mull Now we're hearing there was some kind of fix for Nexus 4s that couldn't activate Google Wallet at all, but that doesn't have anything to do with the problems I've had. Check AP in an hour or so. They're on it.
The card and P2P are the things I'm most looking for. Its crazy there isn't a simple way to electronically send money to anybody.
+Ron Amadeo Yeah, I've had the same problems that you posted about.  Failed tap payments at terminals with the Nexus 4 where my old Nexus S used to work fine.  It's so hit or miss: at one merchant I can pay at the pump with +Google Wallet but it fails over the counter.  Is it problems with the new Broadcom NFC hardware in the N4 or terminals running out-dated software?  Reliability issues absolutely kill the utility of the app.

Maybe an +Android Police exposé would help.  ;)
Why are Google staff making minor changes like this and not all spending every waking hour merging the messaging apps? I jest, wish Google Wallet would get some UK love. 
+Jamie Barron, heard the story about too many cooks? I hope Google has a team working on merging the messaging apps as well, but I surely hope that not every single developer is working on it.
Scott M
What ever happened to the physical Google wallet card? 
Awesome, just read the first article, can't wait for the second.
I'm looking forward to the Stock Android Isn't Perfect sequel. 
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