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Nexus 5 APKs: Email 6.0

With swipe to delete and nav drawer.
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+Ron Amadeo You sir are a tech wizard! Looks like I'm getting me a Nexus 5 tonight with all these APKs'.
IMAP or POP support only. Doesnt do me any good seeing as we run Exchange at work...
This didn't upgrade the existing Email app. Anyone else experience this? 

I've now got two Email apps. :)
Thanks! Could you also upload the Keyboard and Launcher apks?
The option to enable swipe to delete is in the options, but it still doesn't work for me when enabled
+Fernando Bártolo It will work with IMAP. But it doesnt give me the option to set the account up as Exchange. We dont officially support the account being setup as IMAP. Those of us that work in IT can do it cuz we know how. But I prefer Exchange to IMAP.
I don't really like the navagation drawer in Email. With tons of folders and wanting to access them all the time, it would slow me down.
+Ray Wells  yes, when I open the app it asks me which application to use. or I wonder since I never setup my email program it may have caused this. Also I'm using SIII jellybeans B19.
I tried removing the original Email from /system/app so that app picker didn't appear. But there is no option for Exchange then. 

Thankfully I don't actually use the Email app. Just wanted to test it out but it isn't a great concern. 
I think we need the Exchange Services apk as well to get the exchange option
Holy F! Finally a new Email!!
Exchange Services? I have an "Exchange2.apk" in my /system/app/ ... are you able to get a hold of that +Ron Amadeo?
Need Exchange or this is useless haha
Nexus 5 factory image is live. Download it and pull the Email and Exchange APKs from it. 
Pull the Play Services APK as well if you can. You might need it to run some of the latest updates - Google Keep for example.

I'd pull it and test it myself but I'm not in the office at the moment. :(
When it gets done downloading. My internet has decided it is just going to creep along
7zip is being a POS right now, won't open the system.img or userdata.img :/
Yep! Works great! You will need to remove to old email app and exchange services.
Dude you are awesome! Thank you for posting that!!
I get the FC too... did everyone delete their previous account first? I did not, but I renamed the 4.3 email apks then copied the new to /system/app/ and rebooted
+Brian Azar i got mine working. Deleted old app then reinstalled both email and exchange. 
Still no subfolder notifications....Back to Kaiten.
There was a parse error when installing the app... that could be why I had the FC's... redownloading now...
Turns out it was the download method I was using... download to the computer then transferring it to the phone created the error... when I downloaded via Chrome on the phone (via WiFi), it installed successfully. Very happy that this works now!! Thanks for the help y'all
Having trouble getting it to authenticate to my exchange server. There is no longer an option to specify username and domain if they are different from the email address.
+Evan Salter I tried every permutation I could think of including that and couldn't get it to take. I'll give it another go when I get in the office. Maybe I need to be on the local network.
+Nicholas Conner, does your company use an on-premise exchange server? What username and password do you use for OWA? Did you have Exchange configured on the older Email app using Activesync? Log into OWA and in your settings, make sure you aren't at your limit for device activations.
email not working for me stuck at "validating server settings" what am i there a new exchange apk?
+Nicholas Conner Before I had to use my full email as the username, now i have to use the actual username and it works great.
+Evan Salter +Brian Giguere Got it working this morning without doing anything differently. Must have been fat-fingering my password over and over last night. Thanks for the help though!

Now all I need is a hack to remove key guard policy ;).
This didn't overwrite the default email app, just made a 2nd Email app. I can't seem to login. Just gets stuck at Validating server settings...
+Nicholas Conner , (or anyone with insight) can you provide steps as to how to installs this on a stock device? I'm currently on stock Moto X, and had no trouble downloading the Email and Exchange APK's, but I can't seem to figure out how to overwrite the existing Email / Exchange apps.

i just froze my email app (im rooted, are you?) sorry if your not rooted i unfortunately cant help!
I am not rooted - thanks anyway +Mike Libbey . 

+Joe Santa , there's a check box int he settings that you might have to enable.
+Eric Brown Yeah, I did that, but no luck. FWIW I didn't update the Exchange services -- maybe should do that to see if it has impact.
ok got it to work... needed exchange services, email app, then restart the whole deal. nice changes.
Does this support sub-folder email notification yet for Exchange accounts? Thanks!
Works great, uninstalled previous email and exchange apps, installed 2 new apps, as stated don't use full email address as username just username
Hi guys! Have you found the remove account button? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks for the app!
Remove from mail list can be done in 2 ways:
-slide mail
-tick mail (on left square) and press trash button
Same here: whatever I do I can not find the Delete or Remove Account button.
Remove account can be found in phone settings where all your mail accounts are listed, go into corporate then right hand corner says remove account
*click into the account you want to remove then tap right hand corner
Brilliant. Thanks Mark. Mine was a little different, I had to press menu key then remove account. Thanks again
works but after a few minutes the sync goes into a loop and does not load the mails (exchange), same thing happens to someone?
@Ron Amadeo after replaing the email and exchange apk's, i dont get option to save phone numbers to exchange address book... apk's dont integrate with existing phone apk's i guess...
Thanks having an Unread Folder and Swipe to Delete makes my life easier. Any tips on contact integration I lost access to groups. G2
+Ray Wells Please could you point me to instructions on how to extract APKS from a factory image? Can one do the same from an OTA image too? I need to extract APKs for Email and Exchange Services from the 4.4.1 (or 4.4.2) image. Thanks. 
Can you get this on the Play Store? I struck lucky with a custom stock email package name so it installed side by side on zte valet 4.1.1 and even though it is just like Gmail it is much faster. Nice. Can enjoy gmail with much less lag. +1
There is a bug in this Mail App. Until Android 4.3 it was possible to click on a url. Since Android 4.4 there are no Links in a text formated mail to click. Only mailadresses are displayed as clickable links.
Is there comming a bugfix?
woud love to get this working downloaded email.api and install it but not working do i need download exchange also
+Ron Amadeo   This is great work.  Tried it out on my HTC One w/ Sense.  Can you post the instructions to roll my own APK?  There have been some updates that I'd like to get, and I'm sure that you don't want to do it for me.  Anyone else have instructions on this?
Hi i am facing a slight problem with this app when i configured my IMAP gmail account. The sent items are not sync with it and there is an separate folder under Recent folder [Gmail] and i have go through with the [Gmail] ---- Show More Folders ------ Sent Mail to open my sent mails from PC. any one facing the same issues or any help
thank you for your job, Exchange go fine!!
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