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I know before, I've had to place the clock in system/apps to get it to work properly. 
Can't open file. That sucks. Froze the old just like the update said to. Nothing.
Doesn't work on either my N4 or my N7.
I just get 'App not installed' after the usual installation screen.
Works great on my N4 as does hangouts... just about to install them on my N7. You are the man! 
andy o
try another mirror and check the md5
Won't Parse on (Vodaphone) Galaxy S3
N4 4.3 Installed but nothing changed
1. Download
2. Paste into "System -> App" via "Root Explorer"
3. Rename old Clock App to DeskClock.apk -> Accept rename to "DeskClock-Copy"
4. Install new Clock
5. Enjoy :)
unable to install the desk clock..... it says unable to parse the apk... im using HTC Desire X 4.1.1... any suggestions
installed fine on my SGS4 (echo v6 rom 4.3) works and looks great! Thanks!
+aaron hamilton I figured this out.

If the clock APK failed for you before, try now, folks. I've updated the file, and it should now work properly on stock devices and won't trip the malware detector.

The previous file is also safe (which I verified by decompiling it and comparing to the stock one signed by Google), but it's signed by a public shared key which is used to sign many custom ROMs and should therefore install on something like CyanogenMod without issues (whereas Google's own file won't).

Both are now linked in the post.
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