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Hangouts v1.1 Teardown
APK here:

- Big thumbnails for YouTube (I think)
- New Emoji loading animation
- More crazy "Pano Launcher" stuff like what I found in Google Play Services. This one is "<root-uri>content://</root-uri>". No idea what it's for.
- The default circle profile picture on the "new hangouts" screen went from a grey and white circle to a red and white circle.
- Your GV phone number will now be listed in the settings along with your cell provider number.
- lots of unused crap was removed.

That's it. Looks like this was mostly a house cleaning update.
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New App permissions are interesting.

Sends sms
NFC permissions
One place to rule them all. Hangouts is going to replace messaging app in Android? 
+Rajesh Handa I'm pretty sure those permissions have always been present in pre-1.1 update.  There used for the phone number confirmation.
"Pano Launcher" is starting to interest me. That's two apps (this and Google Play Services) that contain a totally new file with totally new code. I've never seen "launcher.xml" before; I've never seen "content://" before.
I believe I spotted a change.  Under Settings -> <your account> -> Phone number confirmed, under 1.0.2 it only listed my cell number, but now it lists both my cell and google voice numbers
On a different note

Moto's new smartwatch is called xWATCH. Integrates with moto x for wrist detect authentication.

content:// has been around forever. It's a way to refer to data in a ContentProvider. ContentProviders are components that expose data or files and are able to do so across packages. Often they are backed by SQLite databases, and the API is very similar. The Calendar providers and Contact providers are common examples of public providers, but lots of apps use them for different purposes. They're also a good way to store your data even if you're not sharing it across apps.
+Rajesh Handa ok wild speculation: It says "launcher" and seems to point to something that would launch an app, along with a preference for text color. It also seems like every app will need to have this special file to be included. So it's got to be an app launcher of some kind. 

It would have to be a totally new kind of launcher, though, to need this extra info. Maybe a large interface for cars, or maybe TV? Would that fit with "Pano"? In my GPS teardown I asked for theories about this and didn't get a single response.
+Josh Brown Oh, cool, thanks. So do you think "content://" points to an SQlite database I can go poking around in? What do you think this is for?
That's the root of the content uri. "launcher" is probably the table, but it could be a level or two up in the path. "" is definitely the authority, though. That will be declared either in this manifest or maybe GPS's manifest. That should point you to the Provider's class. You may be able to decompile that, but at the very least it should have a bunch of tasty String literal constants in some contract nested classes.
+Ron Amadeo do you think it might have anything to do with Google maybe releasing their launcher to Google Play?
+Marat Levit Nope, that shouldn't matter. You wouldn't need these extra files for it.
Way to go and squash my dreams :(
+Ron Amadeo What's a Pano Launcher? I'm excited that they finally added in Thumbnails and also that it shows both your numbers now.
Music Teardown coming TONIGHT because there's only 12 hours of spoiler time until the breakfast event.

So don't touch that Dial. (these caps are important =P)
Hangouts sucks! It's super slow.... Well for me anyway 
+Ron Amadeo  Is there a possibility that this just adds the ability to view/send panoramas like you can do in gmail
Still very slow to open the app compared to something like whatsapp, which instantly appears. (nexus 4)

Thanks for your time +Ron Amadeo 
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