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Nexus 5 Stuff: Default wallpaper found
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That one isn't in the wallpaper picker from the homescreen. Weird.
Under the very same folder inside framework-res there is a platlogo.png used to be a jelly bean image displayed on easter egg, unsurprisingly it has become the Android+Kitkat logo.
+Liang Chi Is it the one Ron uses for his profile cover pic? can you share the easter egg?
+Ishaan Garg It is the same without red background and you will need Android 4.4 earn the egg. I had just look into smali, confirmed the way to triggers easter egg and developer options remained the same.
The link for download is not opening. 
What lock screen would be good to look like nexus 5.
its not in potrait mode. When i apply it, it looks blurry!
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