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This was so much fun to write. There is a ton of crazy stuff in here. It's one of my favorite posts.
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...and please, when you reach 99 notifications on Google+, post the screen shot of the mug! 
Great once again! I notice someone pedantically pointed out the TARDIS is a Police box, not a phone booth. So I'd like to one-up that by saying a police box was a type of phone booth so you were right anyway. Also as a bit of trivia, a Police box here in Glasgow was converted into a tiny takeaway coffee shop with one guy inside, not been by lately to see if he's still going.
From your AP piece.:

1. I have managed to figure out that "Spicybowl" is the internal codename for Google+ Local (formerly Google Places)

I think you'll find 'spicy bowl' goes all the way back to Google Hotpot.

That service was merged with Places and is now a part of Local, but more importantly it's the basis for Local's recommendation engine. Thus, the graphic you found ( is shown overlaid on a Google-formatted restaurant review.

Hotpot Background info.:

BTW: spicy bowl and hotpot are translations that refer to classic oriental 'stew' dishes, typically served up family style from a single, large bowl.:

2. Settings has a rather interesting set of options that I'm pretty sure aren't accessible anywhere, check this out:

<string-array name="user_content_ratings_entries">
<item>Ascended being</item>
<item>Neanderthal</item> [etc.]

Looks like no more than a sample ratings hierarchy, using traditional descending-order taxonomy...geek humor in place of '5 stars', '4 stars', '3 stars', etc. As we were reminded this week, Googlers have a thing for the 'evolution' meme ( :-)

This code snippet seems to date from way back at the start of AOSP (archived: I presume it was an inside joke by the OG coders, possibly used here as a reminder while they were designing the labyrinth of Android's nested Settings menus.

Hope this helps.
The mysterious maps icon is and has always been the Maps icon for google's Maps app on Blackberry! I don't know how it got into Android, but here it is on their Blackberry apps page.
My previous phone was an old Blackberry, and Maps was one of the few non-stock apps that was worth using. Not flashy, but everything you needed was there.
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