Google+ Teardown

Google Music ( and Google+ ( were updated the other day, and again, there's nothing groundbreaking to report in the teardown area. This is kind of interesting though, a new set of strings in G+:

<string name="apps_preference_category">Apps</string>
<string name="apps_preference_manage_apps_button">Manage Apps</string>
<string name="apps_preference_manage_apps_summary">Manage the apps you have signed in to with Google, including who can see app activities on Google.</string>

I don't think this is a new service, just a new interface for it in G+, but I would be a lot more confident if I could find Google's desktop version of this. Is there anything out there that fits this description? I know you can already log in to other sites with your Google account, I just can't find any "Manage Apps" setting on any Google properties.
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