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Google+ Teardown

Google Music ( and Google+ ( were updated the other day, and again, there's nothing groundbreaking to report in the teardown area. This is kind of interesting though, a new set of strings in G+:

<string name="apps_preference_category">Apps</string>
<string name="apps_preference_manage_apps_button">Manage Apps</string>
<string name="apps_preference_manage_apps_summary">Manage the apps you have signed in to with Google, including who can see app activities on Google.</string>

I don't think this is a new service, just a new interface for it in G+, but I would be a lot more confident if I could find Google's desktop version of this. Is there anything out there that fits this description? I know you can already log in to other sites with your Google account, I just can't find any "Manage Apps" setting on any Google properties.
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Do you think Google have stopped putting extra stuff in, in response to your ultra-detailed teardowns?
There are "Connected Sites, Apps, and Services" in the security settings for your google account. This lists things like Picasa or Klout that you have granted access to some info from your Google account, and what they have access to. It also lists Android and the Android Login service... Perhaps they mean this?
+Phil Oakley A lot of people suggest that to me, but honestly, no, I don't think they're trying to hide stuff (yet). I think they are just in a lul period of development, or saving stuff for I/O.

I say that because nothing has come out recently that has been a surprise. The day Google suddenly unleashes a bunch of app updates that totally catch us off guard is when you can start talking about them getting secretive, but I've yet to be shocked by something. There's been a lack of teardown news, but there's also been a lack of update news.
+Ron Amadeo There's always the possibility that there have been few hints because they have radically different versions of the apps forked and in development to wow us at I/O... or so a guy can at least hope :)
+Ron Amadeo I have 2-factor auth turned on so it's really buried down inside the settings for that. But I had to spend a lot of time there recently... >:(
I'm just hoping for a Play Music redesign in KLP/the next version of Android. It looks so Honeycombish at the moment.
+David Loring I just like to imagine they are all working on unified messaging and a Google Maps revamp.
+Ron Amadeo +David Loring A Google Maps revamp with a floating search bar and in general more Google Now type appearance would be awesome. I think unified messaging is pretty much a given, but apart from that, no hints or rumors on the actual type of messaging app.

I'd also love to see Gmail with a sidebar, like the iOS version has. That'd be really cool.
+Ron Amadeo awesome!

btw, when's that new edition of Stock Android Isn't Perfect going up? :P
+Phil Oakley  Man, until you said that I thought Music was pretty nice, but it really is all smeared with Honeycomb... cannot unsee...
+Ron Amadeo Any idea when your Play Music tear-down will go up? You do great work btw!
+Ryan Smith an APK teardown? Never. There's nothing hidden in this update.
I'm having a lot of difficulty disliking (almost) anything with the Play Music app, as it's full capabilities are not officially available in Sweden yet (but activating the music upload feature was childs play, and that's the big thing for me) and it's at least 2^64 times better than any other music player I've tried out, limited as the list may be.

Who knows, maybe when I don't feel guilty about sneaking in on the "music upload" part of the app I'll be able to be more judgemental.
I've been using doubleTwist. I download the uploaded Play Music tracks using the Play Music app, then import them into doubleTwist using root. If/when Apollo can do this, I'll switch to that.
Loving 'once Google beat the Gingerbread out of Google Maps Navigation'.

Also loving your music mockup. This needs to happen.
I don't actually like that theme much more than the current one. I think Music should be Holo Dark. It sets off album art better.
+Ron Amadeo *orgasm* thanks so much. The Music app constantly annoys me.

Hope we get this UI (maybe minus the now playing screen, especially on tablets) and a full rewrite in KLP.
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