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Protip to all the idiotic Android fanboys out there: When the lead designer of Android offers to answer your questions about the latest version, ask him some fucking DESIGN questions.

You retards filled the thread with complaints and arguments about SD cards and LTE, and ruined a great opportunity to learn more about Android 4.2. He responded once and stopped, because you people have no idea how to treat a VIP, have no self restraint, and generally just acted like a bunch of entitled assholes.

It wouldn't surprise me if this never happens again after the way you all have conducted yourselves, but if it does, here are some tips that will hopefully stop everyone from fucking it up again.

First some general stuff:

1) Don't ask about unreleased products or announcements. He's not allowed to talk about them. This includes carrier availability, country availability, update ETAs, source code ETAs, unreleased apps, or unreleased features.

2) Don't use the thread to whine about things you don't like. Saying "I won't buy your product because it doesn't have X" is not a productive thing to say. The interviewee doesn't have to be here answering your questions, and he is a busy person, you've just wasted his time.

3) Don’t ask questions that have already been answered, or questions that are easily Googleable. We know Google doesn’t like SD cards, the reasoning (managing 2 storage pools is hard) has already been answered a year ago by an Android Engineer. 

4) Don’t ask questions that have already been asked. 500 people asking “Why isn’t there a 32GB version” is just clutter. If he wants to answer it he will. (However, this violates rule #1, so he won’t.)

Second, here are some more specific examples of things to not do, that actually happened in that thread:

- Don’t tell him to “change his shirt”. That's insulting, petty, and stupid.

- Don’t use the thread to try and sell your old Galaxy Nexus. No one cares and Matias certainly isn't going to buy it from you. He has one already.

- Don’t phrase your question in the form of “Why the 10" UI had to be royally screwed up?” That’s disrespectful AND grammatically oblivious.

- Don’t respond to answers with “Matias, are you shitting me?” or refer to an answer as “bullshit.”

Alternatively you could just ask your mommy or daddy to teach you some manners or show you how to treat someone respectfully.

90% of the brain-dead fanboys in that thread acted like spoiled pieces of shit. They greatly discouraged the Android team from interacting with the public again in an open forum like G+, and ruined our chance to learn more about 4.2. Way to fuck it up.
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Hopefully, it does not deter them from engaging with the community again.
+Matias Duarte should see this. (One can dream) Thanks Ron, as always. Such a shame, Matias clearly is extrodinarily great at what he does and from what we see, he looks like an extremly cool and likeable guy. And busy as hell we can assume. A shame we couldnt do this right.

But I think it would have faired a lot better in /r/IamA crossposted to /r/ android. Of course, we arent perfect over there but I think it would have been way more productive.
This couldn't be more accurate, & made me laugh at the same time!  I'm in total agreement.
Yikes, sounds like a disaster. What I would give to pick Matias' brain for just a few minutes.
Although I agree it got a bit out of hand, he didn't specifically ask only for questions regarding the UI design. It was a fairly open ended question - 'What do want to know?'
Yeah, thought basically the same (maybe with less strong wording ;)) Someone like +Matias Duarte makes a genuine move of opening up to the community and all he gets is endless repetition of the same shit that has been answered a thousand times now. Pretty sad.
+Ray Wells Well you might assume that people think a little bit about what actually makes sense to ask him. Otherwise you could also start to ask him about the Windows 8 launch.
Just ridiculous in that reddit AMA and even on his G+ post. We get it, you guys don't like the limited space and no sd card, get over it. You want more storage, go buy a different phone. I hope that extra 32 GB is worth the extra 300 bucks.
Aaron Sherman, comment at 6:27Eastern, there are you happy? ;)
Thanks for posting that.

Unfortunately, I know first-hand that this is not an isolated incident. That's exactly why I won't want work-related discussions on Google+ any more, and why I insist that people should use Google Groups (where I moderate every single message before it goes live).
+Andreas Proschofsky Agree. But then again, not everyone who owns an Andriod device is going to know who he is or his role at Google. Some people definitely need to learn some respect but I can understand how it got out of hand as well.
I totally agree, it's a shame to mess up something that so obviously was a valuable opportunity.

I think questions about the newly announced products outside of the topic of design are pretty valid. For anybody who sees patterns, it's not hard to notice that more than a few bits from WebOS form and function made their way into the Nexus 4, the inductive charging dock being the chief example. It's very clear that Matias had a hand in more than just the design language of Android, he's front and center with product design and business plans too. And by that point, I think a question (read: only one) regarding the lack of SD Cards (something that a lot of people obviously want and wasn't very well answered previously) and the lack of a 32 gb Nexus 4 (for the same reason) would have been very valid. Of course, those questions needed to be asked and left alone if he chose not to answer them.
+Jean-Baptiste Quéru Just want to use this possibility to tell you: Thanks for all the great work you are doing, there are a lot of people who really appreciate it. And sorry about all those * not accepting the easiest rules you set out. Sad :-(
+Ray Wells Maybe. But if they don't know who +Matias Duarte is - why ask him anything at all? Also I think just bothering people who you have no clue about with random - and aggressively worded - questions is really disrespectful.
+David Kerkes 32GB of storage doesn't add $300 to the BOM, flash is fairly cheap. However I could get by pretty easily with lower storage, would go with 16GB myself and it should be fine. 
+Leon Venton I know it doesn't add that much but they decided what sizes they were going to produce, so people just need to deal with it, no one is forcing them to buy it. I'm just referring to the cost of other phones if they want the size that badly.
Well, uh, this is the internet after all & that's what happens in an unmoderated discussion forum. G+ probably isn't the best place for an AMA type thread.
+David Kerkes Agreed. I'm not sure what people are putting on 64GB phones. But then I see people state that they abuse Verizon's unlimited data plan to the tune of 150GB in a month. smh
+Leon Venton Yeah that's just crazy. I have a 2GB plan and never even come close to that. Luckily for me, I have WiFi at home and work which helps. Stream all my music and photos and still have over 4GB left in my 16GB GNex. 
+David Kerkes Telling people to 'deal with it' isn't really fitting because it implies that there is a reason for releasing it at these sizes and that it won't change.

Google decided what sizes to produce with the Nexus 7, and a few months later they discontinued one size and then released the size that several people requested from day one. Doesn't it seem like the same thing is going to happen with the Nexus 4? If the same does happen with the Nexus 4, it sorta proves that people didn't have to deal with it.

To be clear, I don't think these are the types of thing Matias should be expected to answer. It's not wrong to ask them (politely), but Matias can decline to answer and it should be dropped after that.
+Cody Toombs I believe it is fitting. If you don't like the space, don't buy one. No one is forcing anybody to buy anything. I bought a Nexus 7 8GB, so I fit right in with that group. I knew what I was getting when I bought it, I could have bought the 16GB, but I didn't and I'm okay with that. I'm not mad or angry at Google. I could have saved myself 50 bucks if I waited, but you know what? I didn't want to wait. I knew what I was paying for, and for the price I still think it's a great value and would do it again. 
What they SHOULD have on Google+ is a way for the poster to designate whether he wants posts to appear chronologically (like it is now) or through "revelance," which would be an algorithmic mix of +1s and uniqueness (aka not the same words 50 people have already said). Therefore the best questions get surfaced (as well as Matias's responses) and all the lackluster comments are nestled beneath. Also a -1 button would help rank crappy or  off-topics comments even lower.
Firstly, great post. I just hope the idiot fandroids who did this are reading your post. It was a HUGE opportunity to chat with them and learn their vision & direction; perhaps even toss a few ideas in their direction. Now this is all lost. To see +Jean-Baptiste Quéru  post here shows how open these guys are. To him and to Matias, apologies from the rest of us Android fans. Keep up the great work.
Oh my goodness, what the hell did I start here. 
well said +Ron Amadeo I didn't see this till now, I feel bad for him, I couldn't believe he only answered that once, Must have been so bummed. hope you guys can get those email questions to him. I'd like to hear what he has to say. It's almost like people don't realise how much thought, time and effort is put into this stuff. 
+Ron Amadeo You should take your own advice. You just insinuated that everyone who posted a comment in +Matias Duarte's thread was retarded, and you lose all professional credibility when you lace an effective argument with rampant expletives. Seriously, your point would be exactly the same, and you would come across as a lot smarter.

(FWIW, I mostly agree with you, though.)
Ric B.
Well said. I only read his big response (which was mentioned on reddit) and didn't even bother with the comments.
I disagree in part. Allow me to quote a section of Matias' response from that post:

"Why don’t Nexus devices have SD cards?

Everybody likes the idea of having an SD card, but in reality it's just confusing for users.

If you’re saving photos, videos or music, where does it go? Is it on your phone? Or on your card? Should there be a setting? Prompt everytime? What happens to the experience when you swap out the card? It’s just too complicated.

We take a different approach. Your Nexus has a fixed amount of space and your apps just seamlessly use it for you without you ever having to worry about files or volumes or any of that techy nonsense left over from the paleolithic era of computing.

With a Nexus you know exactly how much storage you get upfront and you can decide what’s the right size for you. That’s simple and good for users."

This is condescending nonsense. It is entirely in order to object when the explanation for a design decision is entirely without merit. There is certainly a subset of users who could be confused as to where their data has been saved, but those people tend to have grandchildren who can help. There is nothing "paleolithic" about a usable device, and calling it "techy nonsense" to have a clue how your handset works is simply insulting to those of us who have a clue.

If he had written, "It's easier for us not to have to support a SD slot, and we don't want to deal with it," it would've been a non-issue, but to trot out a series of meritless talking points about the alleged benefits of reduced user control is to open oneself to criticism.

I do agree that complaining about CDMA/LTE (as I did) was out of line, but given that the baseband supports it Google's only excuse is simply "we don't feel like dealing with variants." I am certainly not entitled to CDMA/LTE support, but it is reasonable to express my disappointment that the N4 won't be a viable option for me. Still, I chose the wrong venue in which to do so.
+Joshua Rogers They could really treat the SD card as the equivalent of cloud storage. They support the cloud,  which is sort of a virtual SD card in principle.

If they built  a pseudo-cloud model as part of Android and made it access the SD card, they'd PROB not have to rework their code that would otherwise access data via the cloud. That of course, is my guess.
Yeah, it's just as "confusing" to remember if I saved something locally or in the cloud. How is that any different that locally vs. on an SD card? I appreciate the sentiment of allowing us access to a Google exec, but I am very unhappy with his answers -- not because they don't match what I want, but because they are full of nonsensical fluff.
Ron, probably you just already know that, but Mathias has said he's read all the questions and he'll answer them soon. Btw I find interesting the questions you made, especially those concerning the in-app navigation (calendar-like and YouTube-like). I personally like a lot the YouTube-like navigation. Have you noticed the little difference with that and Google+? With Google+ you can't reveal the menu bar on the left by swiping, you are forced to tap the G+ button. Still, you can conceal it. With YouTube you can swipe in and out to reveal and conceal the menu. ;-) 
I think the android police need to straighten these people out anyway great post +Ron Amadeo These fanboys need to learn some RESPECT!!!
The amount of braindead arseholes around us is simply astounding and, personally, I'm not at all surprised at how that thread went. I've been involved in social media management in F1 and we regularly do fan sessions. People lack basic mannerisms, respect and social conduct when it comes to things like these. We always have a firewall between the two sides now after the first such session got pretty out of hand and left a certain very imp person rather upset and disgusted.

Filters/moderators are necessary in such cases.
+Ron Amadeo what an unprofessional post was that? "idiotic fanboys", "retards"... Wow! You disqualified all other stuff you wrote after that with this blah.
"you people have no idea how to treat a VIP" Yes, I think most android users don't praise the google staff as would some apple fans the iGod! lol
But to be serious I have a "protip" for you. When some representative of a company asks the community for questions or feedback for their product, then it is quite normal to get some rants. Especially when the product sets limits on some key features the users like to have. But I think other than you Matias knew that and wanted that feedback. That's why he asked the community and not a blog.

+Ritesh Tripathy "People lack basic mannerisms, respect and social conduct when it comes to things like these." That's correct as one can see at your own post: "braindead arseholes" Congratulations!
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