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The Moto 360 is real!
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Also i think he confirmed Android 4.4.3 as well .
yep, he said that Wear support will be available from 4.3 onwards.
All this time I thought this was a hoax.
+Ron Amadeo ahh... i should have stuck to the idea my ears were tricking me... I thought he said Android 4.4.3 My Bad, 
Was expecting more of a Project Ara model unit thing. Totally didn't expect a functional unit on hand.
That little demo was the single best thing about the hangout... because they didn't answer anything else we're all dying to know!

(Apart from support for 4.3 and up)
And his watch was all black, no chrome!!
Me like.
Can't quite make it out due to the speed, but is the display a full circle, or is it cut off like it appears to be in all of the marketing material? 
+Alex Masters It's a full circle, according to the pictures that most of the Android related tech sites have up. 
Is it me or I'm actually excited for the smart watch revolution?
+Denver Lobo it'll have motion gesture recognition - he said you'd see the time when you lift your arm up.
+Michael Fay those are the same promotional photos as the Moto official page, and only the Android Wear example graphics use a full circle. So I don't think that the moto 360 is a full circle display.
+Alex Masters but it is a full circle display or it wouldn't be able to display a traditional analogue watch face as shown in the promo pics. It just looks like it's not a full circle here because the notification doesn't take up the full screen by default.
What is the price? Se d me one the test out! 
Who else is thinking Moto is going to use some form of an amoled screen so they can do active notifications type stuff?

He mentions always being able to swing your arm up to see the time. I'm guessing just like when you pull a Moto X out of your pocket, or move it, it shows the time, same thing happens here
+Dennis Ho it is not. That bottom empty part is how the display connects to the components. If you look closely, the analogue clock doesn't have the 6 oclock notch. The black background just matches with the empty spot 
+Eric Bell I see what you're saying. Had assumed before that it was maybe a Moto customisation because the Android wear graphics and SDK preview show a full circle UI. A small price to pay I think for what is otherwise a bezel-less front face.
+Eric Bell dang you're right, looking closely at the picture the 6 marker is more of a dot than a line. Not a deal breaker by any means whatsoever but definitely interesting.
As +Eric Bell has pointed out, the face of the Moto 360 has a blanking player or something at the bottom of its face. The analogue clock face clearly has the 6 hand cropped out almost completely. As I mentioned before, the Android Wear promo images show a full circle display, I expect this is for future proofing, as the tech is inevitably coming soon.
I don't like the black bars generated because of the round screen.
I'll wait and see what Google has at IO before I make any purchasing decisions.
+Alex Masters It's a full circle... Note that when he swipe down, the notifications go all the way to the bottom of the watch and out of the screen.
+Muhammad Faiz You're wrong. That's just the upper part of the screen. If you watch the gif frame by frame, you'll see the bottom always black.
+Muhammad Faiz I don't think they go all the way to the bottom. I think this is a big point that a lot of people aren't picking up on yet.
People... Google it.
Not out yet:
A little more info from yesterday.  Yes it's a full circle, though possibly the bottom portion reserved for function buttons:

+Amina Hendricks: buy it online and please don't share your address.  You will likely save quite a bit online unless you catch it on sale at Best Buy or something rare like that.  Check for updates on things like that near you without letting any of us creepers know where you live.
Yea the guy in the moto 360 hangout yesterday said it's a full circle. Watch the video.. He had one on. 
+Dennis Ho If you look at the promo pics, that area is still blank. You just don't notice it as much because the background is black.
+Asten Rathbun the screen is not fully circular. The bottom 10% is not a part of the display. Look at the latest press photos for a really high res look. 
+Eric Bell
Sadly, I was hoping it would be a perfectly round circle, I was really wishing for a true clock without silly digital "frames" to place some corp logo or model ref#. That bottom frame just screwed the full true circular watch concept. Bah! Guess I will be waiting for the next year, for V2, when they really find a way to make it perfectly circular. Like a true circular watch should be. :)
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