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Ok, so, this image (a critique of the lead image by +Liam Spradlin and I) has been sent to +Google Play. Here's hoping it gets fixed.

Google needs to hire a "VP of Details" to take care of this stuff, because there's a general lack of polish all over the place. I'd like to submit my résumé. =P
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Missed one, the speaker is placed in the middle of the top part (idk if that makes sense), and it should be all the way at the top of the N4.
+Rodrigo San-Vic It's a Galaxy Nexus. I believe the devices are Chromebook, Xoom (not sure), and Gnex.
Your OCD is showing again. Curb it.
The lighting is wrong in the "right" image.
Man, some of us have some bad OCD.
I think we can all agree that the Play Store has bigger fish to fry right now. 
+Ron Amadeo go for it (submit your résumé). You have a stellar ability to pay attention to details. : )
I mean, who cares? Seriously. :-) I'm more worried about people getting devices.
What you mean by missing app reflections
I think they should also have the most up-to-date software on their devices. The tablet has a the pre-4.2 style tablet interface with soft buttons to the side.
So say you get the job (because why wouldn't you), would you still be writing for AP? Otherwise I'll have to call Schmidt and tell him not to hire you.
I do think you could do some awesome, awesome good if Google hired you to run a review team that works across all their mobile-related UI (Not just OS, but every app and site).
Present a report after 6 months and get them to fix it (as much as possible). Rehire in 18months.
I want December back in 4.2. SOON. Then they can fix the store. 
Not to mention that the back, home, and app switch buttons should be in the middle of the tablet, thanks to the ui unification they did.
Marketing pictures are rarely right. I can tolerate these flubs if THEY'D ONLY GET THE BIG STUFF RIGHT. >:(
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