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Haha it was only right to make a gif out of it.
Clearly a sign that a new Nexus is coming. ;)
I kinda miss the old one. It just doesn't seem the same with the new location of the 'l'.
I hate the new logo just because it's new. And new is always bad. /s
Why would the "l" have ever been out of alignment in the first place?
Another sign of PROJECT HERA! *gasps
This changes EVERYTHING. Google clearly has a new focus.
I hope it does not impact performance.
This has just confirmed half life 3
Amazing!! How did we manage to look at the Google Logo before this??
Come on, Google, stop adding unnecessary whitespace! This is even worse than last year's G+ update!!!!!!!!

I liked the old one. Why google. Why not stick to one thing.
Whoever found this out has crazy good eyes
wow. My life has been impacted beyond belief. Yawn.
Looks like the end of Google voice to me 
Migs B
WOW that's great lol
Thank god they changed it, the old logo made me angry. 
Well, it was focused in "G" and "L". G is the 7th letter in the alphabet, and L is the 12nd. 7 + 12 = 19, which is S
So, Android Silver is confirmed!
Jon L
+Nick Shoust hopefully not. I don't have a better option yet and porting my number will be annoying.
I hate the Android Silver idea, I just prefer Google Play Editions...
its a sign....of what who the hell knows...;)
But it leaves the "e" one pixil away :-(
I can't get used to this ever shifting being the internet has become.
Finally I got tired with the old one.
About time, they needed something better. 
Phew, now I am relieved. I was worried if I had landed on a phishing site.  Google should warn us before making such dramatic changes.
How do people notice these things? 
Watching Google's stock now... 
Another Google property bites the dust. Springcleaning anyone? New logo is horrible! Don't force your stupid changes on us Google! 
Did they take out the "Hail Hydra" embedded in the alpha channel? 
You're all idiots.
They informed everyone about this about three years ago.
Does this mean Google will be closing Google the way Google+ is closing next week? Who were they kidding for competing against Bing?
I'm pretty sure this is the result of D-Wave quantum computing.
Sure, you all laugh - but you know there was some guy within Google who was obsessed to no end about those letters being a few pixels off.
What?!?! Google, this is a direct insult to liberal thinking. Bloody conservationist google! 
Lol, How did you find it?
It's a great idea and just shows that google is in it for the long term. I can't wait to see the visuals to come with that logo
Clearly Google+ is failing and is about to be pulled. I dont think they went far enough, they should have swapped the G an L completely...
Effects of Climate Change
OMG, g is too far from o.

L looks better when aligned with E.
What New logo? It's the same! Unless this is a wind up. 
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