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Need permission. Asked for permission. =P
Wasn't it 2.0? And yes I asked for permission as well.
yeah yeah permission is up
Installed on my Note 3 and didn't force close. Will test and see if it works
I fucking love you!!!
Worked for me, VZW Gnex PA 3.99. Just turned on sms
Works great on my nexus 4. Thanks alot mate :-) 
It works, many thanks 
Thank you I been waiting patiently 
Is it possible to get the new launcher?
Works on my GS3 i9305... Cheers for sharing! 
Downloaded and installed on Gnex/CM 10.2...All systems go, no crashes, MMS, all working...
Son Dao
Works nicely!
Man, that worked better than I thought. Used G+ to open link, opened with Google Drive, Changed to allow from unauthorized sources and done. Nice! Thank you +Ron Amadeo  
Try pulling the new Google play services

I think it needs the new google play services 
It works great. It doesn't seem to synch between devices, but I guess I was hoping for too much. 

Thanks +Ron Amadeo 
Is outgoing MMS not working for anyone else but me?

BTW thank you +Ron Amadeo for the early apk :)
Thank you again +Ron Amadeo do you think there will be something that will change and put the messages into that folder and not the messages. I have duplicate messages.
Anyone who has issues merging the SMS threads with the Hangouts threads must go to the Google+ app and enable Contact Sync. Otherwise, it won't detect the person's number and merge your Hangouts thread with the SMS thread. 

If you have the AOSP People app, it has a function to join two or more contacts together on your phone so you don't get duplicates from Google+ and from your GMail.
+John Dengler working here.  as is group chat with iOS users.

Running vz HTC One with a custom 4.3.1 ROM
Ryan B
LG G2 working great. Thank you! 
I don't think it works for 2.3 devices, does it?
+John Dengler I'm on a Moto X with Verizon. What are you using? Maybe it has something to do with it being written just for the unlocked Nexus 5. Hmmm
Tankssssssssssssssssss +Ron Amadeo please share all the new apks. Google+, Google Keep and PlayStore!!!! Tanks again!!!!
Installs on N4 but can't join video call with friends who don't have update. Is this a problem?
No issues on my N7 (2012) -- no SMS/MMS of course, as there is no GV integration (grrrr). 
Everything is working on my GNEX CM10.2 MMS is good.
I thought it was supposed to merge Hangouts and SMS threads in one view? I still need to select between the two.

Anyone else?
So how does it work with multiple devices ? Would all messages always sync over starting one big thread ? Or would it be separate 
Thank you, works on SIII perfect! Now all my weekend project will be dedicated to find the way to turn on SMS in this Hangouts.apk on Nexus 7 :)
On Verizon Moto X Dev Edition. SMS/MMS doesn't seem to be working. Won't send messages.
+Jon Amireh I did that still nothing..I can switch in top menu..but just opens different that normal or do all messages thread into one conversation. Thanks
+Lukus St. Jean I'm seeing that too, apparently the threads are kept separate but under the same name. I think this is supposed to be normal. I'm also experiencing some contacts not able to detect their Hangouts email and keeping the SMS/Hangouts contacts separately. 
Working on my Note 3!  Maybe this is a stupid question, but does the person I am sending an SMS to also need Hangouts installed on their device in order to receive it?
+Spencer Fierro Now I'm seeing the same result as you. SMS is fine. MMS isn't working and won't send an SMS until I delete the MMS in queue.
Video call doesn't work 
Might go back to play store hangouts for now. 
Works on my unlocked international One running 4.3 and Sense 5.5
+Jon Amireh Do you know if there's a way to have them both under the same thread? Two different ones is a bit annoying.

I was hoping it'd automatically detect an SMS and hangouts message.
Anybody notice that the picture quality in hangouts has gotten much worse?
Does anybody have a fix to get the video from force closing?
If the video hangout would work it would be crashes 
Works on my Note 3, at least, SMS does. I uninstalled the stock app and I am eternally grateful.
Works on my Nexus 4. Thanks
Jay X
SMS on Nexus 7 not working, hlp?
I've downloaded it.. Everything's good.. But it fails to send via sms..

Mine won't work galaxy s4, it crashes whenever I open it, any ideas? 
Just sending failed on my s4 4.3..y?
Al Wang
can't download.. post another link plz?
+Jay X It only works on devices that have texting.  So tablets aren't supported for that feature.
Keep sending failed.. Does it require to a recipients to also have hangout app with the same version as this? 
Most of my contacts don't have this app.. Can they still receive my sms when i use hangouts to send them a msg? :-\ 
I thought.. Sending sms thru hangout and wifi connected wud be free of charge? Hahaha! 
Al Wang
galaxy nexus crashes on making video calls.
I don't see voip like ios device . sad.
Could you place a different look? Trying to download but unable to do so
Thank you for this. You are the best! 
For everyone who has installed this and says it works great: has anyone tried a video hangout yet? I'm on LG G2. Everything works except... Video hangouts completely freeze the app. I have also discovered this issue on note 2 and galaxy nexus. So, I'm curious if anyone can get video calls working.
Thanx man works perfectly on my old karbon s5 titanium I was sad that the launcher didn't work for me but thanks to you that I got this lovely app thanx once again man 
Getting this error:

Sorry, you can't view or download this file at this time.

Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can't access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.
Has anyone gotten this APK to work on a stock VZW Moto X? 
Works good on my note 3 but I can't seem to get the notification bubble, I'd like to know how much I'd unread etc 
How to do the animated GIFs?? Does one have to have the new camera too?
MMS sending doesn't work on rooted 4.2.2 VZW Droid Maxx. Bummer.
Does (or will it with the currently rolling out SMS/MMS update) of Google Hangouts have the expandable notification drop down where you can "read", "Quick reply", etc. right from the notification tray?  If Hangouts is taking over the old "messaging"  app, I have gotten use to the flexibility of doing everything without opening the messaging app every time.
Unable to download, google drive states too many people have downloaded it.
Installed it on my HTC one, everything works with the exception of video. As soon as I try to initiate a video call the app crashes....
Has anyone else had hangouts force close when trying to do Video hangout? Besides that everything else is working flawless mms, sms, I am on ATT SG4 Carbon Rom :)
Thanks for confirming this. I wanted to make sure before I tried this on my phone. 
Sms + MMs are hanging and failing. Any recommendations to resolve this? 
Odd, I sent a couple but still waiting for a response. I will have to see. 
So it is working fine for me. 
I deleted all of the app info and cleared cache, hopefully this will fix the issue with the app. Any other N5 apks working good with Moto x? 
I haven't tried. I just wanted unified gtalk & SMS app. I want to try the email app, but K9-Mail is my choice. 
Yeah won't let me download either. +Ron Amadeo any solutions ? 
It's good but can't load file and can't see list of people in group message for texting. Also not able to change led color between hangouts and sms.
I only can send text messages. Whenever I try to send a photo or my location I get this message that it wasn't sent and touch to retry. 
Anyone figure out how to fix video calls crashing?
what kind of problems are you guys having with MMS?  I'm sending and receiving MMS normally.  
I simply cannot send them. I get this message that it was not sent and thats it.
+Wojciech Malatynski Hmm...I have an S3 on verizon.  Maybe it's an network issue.  Does your 4Glte symbol show up when sending an MMS?
+Chad Bordes Hmm...not sure why it's not working for some people.  Hopefully they can fix the issue.  
My phone doesnt support 4g so no... I only use 3g or WiFi but neither works. I have Xperia J on Virgin Mobile.
Oh the video call crash is caused by a lib file that is only on 4.4. I'm not rooted so I can't install it. Ah well
+Spencer Fierro MMS doesn't send for me either. Moto X with Verizon. I upgraded a few weeks ago from the Galaxy Nexus which was plagued with MMS issues on Verizon.
Wish we could customize d appearance, color.. Etc.. 
When I try to do a video hangout it force closes
Al Wang
My gn is able to update from playstore. Video doesn't crash.
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