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Oh yeah, that Google Music "mockup" ( was actually a screenshot. =P

Edit: APK here ( Work in progress, see comments.

Edit: Awesome new version is here.
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So you acctually themed it the way it is in the video? :o

Provide the apk! You have to do it! :D
Apk, apk, apk, apk, apk, apk .... pleeeeaseee :)
It's still a work in progress, there's some text I have to swap (I think horizontal playlist text is white-on-white still) and It's based on the older version of Google Music (4.4) so you don't get the improvements that came out last week.

But, if you want to play with it, here. You need to uninstall/delete any other versions of Google Music, including the one in /system/app, which means you need to be rooted.

There's also still a lot I want to do. After updating it and fixing the playlist text, I want to somehow make the status bar show up in landscape. I'm not sure I can even do that. (but then again, I wasn't sure I could do any of this, but it's worked out so far.) I'd also like to someday enable side-by-side installing with the stock version of Google Music, so you don't have to be rooted, but again I currently have no idea how to do that right now. I'll figure it out when I have some free time.
Ah, I see...I was wondering why you didn't mockup some of the UI ideas you had, but it makes sense if you spent a chunk of time actually theming the app.

Good job! It's looks real nice. 
+Ron Amadeo While you're theming the app....could you change the widget? :D
It really should have a transparent background with a bigger cover pic. Also, the thumbs up needs to go away and probably a bigger play button.
+Phil Oakley I would probably have to change the icon once I get side-by-side installs working. That's a little too flat though. I would want something in the same style as the other Android icons. I'll probably just do a color swap that takes the tacky gold "bling" color out of it.
+Ron Amadeo fair enough. I'm a supporter of Google changing Android's entire UI to fit in with Google's UI (like The Verge's video showed). 
+Phil Oakley yeah, when I saw that I immediately though "Google Now" but it wouldn't look right next to the rest of the Android icons.
+Ron Amadeo yep. I really want the Gmail icon Google uses everywhere else, on Android - the Android icon is the only place they use it, and it annoys me.

Come to think of it, I;d actually like a Chrome OS phone/Chromephone, but that's another matter entirely.
+Phil Oakley Thx for the link. Didn't know that video yet. Oh G+ is such a beautiful network :)
Thx for the upload, will try it tomorrow :)
This looks absolutely amazing, good job +Ron Amadeo. The one thing that bugs me most about Google Play Music is the weird lag that occurs throughout the application like when tapping the bottom bar. I'd just like a new one application, like everyone else. 
I just installed it, it looks pretty good. 
+Ron Amadeo Can you please start an xda thread? That way interested people can subscribe to it and follow it regularly for updates :)
+Kaushal Modi I'll start an XDA thread for the next version, I didn't really want this to be widely use when there's still some bugs.
Personally, I really dislike Google's push to make everything white-looking. I don't like staring into a lightbulb; why would I want to stare into a 99% white LCD screen? Hello, eyestrain!

I'm all for Google's consistency, but they should really take their phone apps (where battery life is already super limited) and allow users to set black-based versions of all of them.

Personally, I'm very happy that Google Music looks the way it does, because it's the last holdout on this white-lovin' fiasco. Sure it's disorganized as heck in terms of its menu layouts, but don't hate on the darkness.

If your screen uses OLEDs (meaning it doesn't have a standard backlight) then a mostly-black interface is going to be even more of a battery saver.
I'm in agreement with +Zach Heise we need a black version of this. The white mockup is excellent, in black it would be even better IMHO. 
+Sam Nalty That looks fantastic.  I definitely think the back/PlayPause/forward buttons need to be a little bit bigger.  I use Play Music a lot when I'm driving, and the need to be able to push the buttons is large.

Also, you spelled titles wrong.
I don't think black is necessarily the color an alternate version needs. It needs the same flat grey/black color they've been introducing. Such as the top banner of G+, as well as the surrounding frame of the new image search.
I would be super happy, if I could actually use G Music in India. :P
Looks great. Hey, +Robert Alex Kibler I'm actually the guy who did that redesign on reddit and I'm aware of that misspelling. It's already changed in my PSD :)
+Ron Amadeo , think it might be incompatible with latest version. Got an "App not installed" message on the Galaxy Nexus on stock 4.2.1 and Play Music 4.5.9101. I know it's experimental and all, just thought it's worth mentioning compatibility issues. Also, might be an idea to make the songs/artists/playlists/genres bar orange so it's not all grey and white.
+Daniel O Broin You're supposed to remove all other versions of Google Music. Make sure you did that first.

"App not installed" usually means your home screen shortcut is broken. Try launching it from the app drawer. If that works, delete your home screen shortcut and drag the working icon out of the app drawer again. 
Too bad all Music versions after 4.1.513 suck. Can you mod the Google Music 4.1.513 apk? That would be awesome.
+Ethan Baze Oh, no, I didn't see that. hmm. Not sure how to feel about that. =/

Why is it TWO flashable zips? It just needs to be one APK.
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