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"Key Lime Pie Is 5.0" - A Word About Responsibly Reporting And Discussing Unreleased Versions Of Android

Please do not refer to unreleased versions of Android by a made-up (aka "rumored") version number. No one really knows what the version number will be. Repeating something over and over again does not make it true.

I remember when Jelly Bean was, for sure, going to be Android 5.0. (It's 4.1)

I remember when Ice Cream Sandwich was, for sure, going to be Android 3.4. (It's 4.0)

No wait! Ice Cream Sandwich is really going to be Android 2.4, honest. (Nope. It's still 4.0)

I remember when Honeycomb was, for reals, also going to be Android 2.4. (It's 3.0)

And I remember when everyone was certain that Gingerbread was Android 3.0. (It's 2.3)

So please, Android readers and journalists, grow a memory. Learn from past mistakes. Stop making up numbers and repeating them ad infinitum and then accepting them as fact because you've repeated them so much. Use the version number when Google announces a version number. Until then, use the code name, or you could end up on next year's version of this list, when everyone was COMPLETELY POSITIVE Key Lime Pie was going to be Android 5.0.

(Please feel free to repost this message everywhere it needs to be reposted. And yes, you might get lucky, and the next version of Android just might be Android 5.0, but being lucky doesn't make you any less irresponsible. Stick to the facts.)
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Especially since part of the reason for the codenames is that Google doesn't even specify a version number until late in the process.
posted it in the android community good job +Ron Amadeo  people need to think then post. 
Jason Mull
yeah, but Key Lime Pie is definitely going to be 5.0
it will more then likely be called key lime pie but the number version is still up in the air +Jason Mull 
+Tommy Nunno I'm just trolling Ron.  But I do think that it'll be 5.0 - gut instinct.
Majority of the blame goes to journalists or rather wannabe, journalists and for readers to get sucked into the BS manufactured by the aforementioned.
Another mistake you guys should learn is to always remember that the nexus devices from the Google store receives the newer versions of android first.I'm getting tired of people making comparisons videos like the HTC one or the galaxy s 4 versus the nexus for and just bashing the n4. They seem to forget that soon this baby will be the only phone with the newer version of android which makes those insane ppis which our eyes can't perceive obsolete or any hardware gimmick they can trow. I don't care for an aluminum device when my all glass device has the newer version of android for months ahead of everyone else... 
all good. hard to tell tone of voice by just reading text. but i do agree with your gut instinct :) +Jason Mull 
Well I overheard some of the devs at my AA meeting (Android Awareness) and they were all Babeling about a new versioning system anyways. We should expect it to be called Android 5.s ...these guys don't lie so this rumor is totally solid. I mean it makes sense when they plan to ship it on the Moto-I phone, codenamed Nexus Apple. So get excited.
Remember when the next version of Android was Ice Cream?
What happened?
Ice Cream Sandwich!


It will be 4.3
I don't see them raising a major version number for anything less than a major overhaul that revamps the UI all over again.
That would be telling.

Be seeing you!
You are the only Android source I trust besides Google... is that okay?
I usually don't even use the rumored code names, even though they are usually anticipated quite accurately. So, personally I'm referring to the next Android version as Android K :D
I'm still hoping that the L version will be Lamington :-) 
Dan Morrill
It's worth noting that partners never know anything in advance, either. We literally do not pick version numbers until weeks or maybe a month in advance. Partners can't have inside info on something that hasn't been decided. ;)
dude, it's speculation, don't get your panties in a twist about it. no one cares, it's a number
I don't care for sour citrus even if they're in a pie.
In fact, there are better kinds of pie and using the image of a pie for this release precludes it from being used for anything else much like froyo made it necessary to add "sandwich" to ice cream
Thank you, +Ron Amadeo. This has always been my thought since... well, since Froyo was just a rumor.
+Patrick Bui You are right that the next version could be 4.3, but the name must be Key Lime Pie, because that is the best tasting K-letter dessert!  Regarding Ice Cream vs. ICS, part of the reason why Sandwich won is that dessert must be made into a mascot and Ice Cream can be confused with Froyo.  
Man I thought you was really talking about key lime pie the dessert :( I love key lime pie
+Franklin Morrison +Patrick Bui I always thought 'sandwich' was also representative of the 2.* and 3.* threads joining (sandwiching) together, to make a UI to work on both phones and tablets
And of course, Key Lime Pie was also expected to be 4.2 before Jelly Bean MR1 popped...
who cares what the version number will be, as long as it says lime key pie!
When I went over to the Google Play Store & read the user reviews about how the Samsung Push Service app changes lives dramatically, I took the plunge and installed it. The second it installed successfully, a blinding ray of light descended on me, engulfed my entire being & lo & behold, my senses were overwhelmed totally by the bombardment of Universal Knowledge™ & I experienced mystical ecstacy. My chakras opened & I knew from deep within the core of my being that I've gained enlightenment right on the spot.

It was then that a voice boomed in my head (sounded very much like the Dalai Lama) proclaiming with unwavering conviction: "Frail mortal, behold! I saith unto thee that the next major version of Android will be Kiwi Fruitloop Pudding."

So I went back to the Play Store & rated the Samsung Push app 4 stars. It would have been a complete victorious 5 stars if it wasn't for the fact that I'm still suffering from a throbbing headache from the experience. Please fix this, Samsung.
There's nothing stopping them from naming it Kandy Kane.
+Franklin Morrison,
Regarding froyo,
That was my point. You missed my post.
And you're wrong wrong wrong wrong wrong. Key lime pie sucks
So you mean Peach Gummy Ring might not be 5.2???
Don't care about the name ... But the most important is what they are going to bring on the table .
Is there any way that a version would be named after something healthy? 
+Patrick Bui We could speculate what Android version KLP could be, but the name is already confirmed. There could be a minor UI changes, referencing to the 4.0 version of Play Store, but it's just a speculation. 
Anyone remember when 2.2 was definitely going to be codenamed Flan? That name was EVERYwhere, and there were even graphics made for it. Then, no, it turned out to be...Froyo.
why key lime wjat about andriod chocolate bar or android peanut brittle
Why does this matter?  It has no effect on the final product that gets released, so whatever.  Let dumb bloggers be dumb.  Not hurting anyone but themselves.  Sounds more like you're just voicing your pet-peeves here.
+Ron Amadeo Yeah the Flan story still makes me laugh. Since then, I stopped caring about version speculation and just wait for the announcement. It's easier for everyone. :-)
Rumor is that a donut company put in big bucks as donation on the next android, thus, it will be named "Krispy Kreme" haha
Was KLP "confirmed"?
All I've seen is a picture and no official statement
Your story would be more effective without the anal retentive chastising.
Ben N
Isn't it obvious? This time 'round Android's pulling a prank.

5.0 Kandy Korn.
5.0 Key Lime Pie confirmed today by me :-) 
Ben N
Or is it Karrot Kake?
If the next version isn't key lime pie, there is no hope for Google.
Ben N
Kelly Bean! No, definitely not Kelly Bean.
I'm kind of hoping that after Key Lime Pie is Lemon Meringue Pie. Two pieces of citrus based pie back to back. The mascots can be fraternal twins of sorts.
Ben G
Its SO COOL to read a post in the What's Hot that is actually interesting / and not some simpleton iPhone crap
I like Key Lime Pie. Cuz then everyone will be talking about KLP. Those are my initials. Woo hoo! My five minutes of fame!
We are all so sorry Ron. Obviously you feel very passionate about this. So let's all of us in the world not refer to key lime pie as anything other than key lime pie, that way Ron won't get mad at us.
When is Waffle Cone 23.0 getting released? 
Nice memory, but a lot of FAndroids really want something to refer to in order to pretend we know what's coming. Saying Android 5.0 is sometimes more fun than referring to key lime pie. And it seems everyone has an unofficial agreement that key lime pie is android 5.0. It doesn't really matter if we are wrong or not because for now Google hasn't said otherwise. Let 'em believe what they want.
Ben N
November 50, 2016
I'm reminded of an old proverb found tucked away in my couch, which was purchased from a distant relative of a third generation Asian province house keeper, who received the special advice within the Third Dynasty of Ur, after a long day of floor keeping & rug dusting... .... This advice seems of use here, and may possibly extend your years on this Earth........ "Don't stress on the small things in life..."
Who cares. There's grammar Nazis and now there's Android version Nazis, there's speculation so what, not like it matters...
I have given this absolutely zero consideration since the announcement of Cupcake.
I personally can't wait till Swedish meatball comes out going to be epic
+Patrick Bui It will be called KLP. Google basically goes with whatever the most rumored name is. Think about it.
Probably almost certainly true that it won't be 5.0 (though it could be)... Still hope it's key lime pie.... It's grown on me
Another thing the the nexus versions... Someone said the next nexus phone will be called the nexus 5....
Go post this in a who cares android community
I think the funniest part of this post is the fact that Key Lime Pie will most likely be 5.0.
No love for it being Kit Kat????
The L version is going to be called "Lutefisk".
Can't wait for pavlova vrsn 6.2
Very astute observation. I agree. Use KLP and no version number.
And Chicago style hot dog is going to be 32.8
Er Vin
But without these rumors we wouldn't have anything to talk about :<
+King Crimson Hahaha!! hey hoe, bend over, where are you? im a trucker and want to meet  come on
Android 7.1.1
'Beer and Sausages'

Android 8.1.1
'Wine and Caviar'

Android 9.1.1
'Marijuana Cocaine'
How do you beat "Ice Cream Sandwich" as a name anyways.. "Jelly Bean" certainly did not do it. Eclairs maybe?
And seeing as how stupid Android OSs are numbered. iOS ftw. 
+Sam Jackson easy is 5,6,7?
Update just get added. Larger updates are the middle numbers, smaller are the third. ie 6.1.1
I know for certain that it won't be Kentucky Fried Chicken nor Krispy Kreme nor Kit Kat.

I don't see this as a matter of Google merely taking whatever is the most popular suggestion in the moment of web loggers, though. Google has no need to placate their whims.

Kettle Corn or Kiwi would be good.
It doesn't matter what is it named..! I am getting ready to taste it..!
 If you smellllllllllllllllllllllll what the Google is Cooking..
+Ty Bayles that's exactly how android version numbers work also. The only difference was the 3.x tablet OS that joined the phone OS (as of v4.0+) 
I'm not concerned about version numbers. All I know is that Key Lime Pie will be an awesome upgrade of Android.
Android 5.0-Codename: BACON. 
Er Vin
Android phone 4.2.3
Who really gives a shit what the version number is?
Cool story bro. I'm sure its going to be version 7.0 though.
The reason +Rob Doobovsky and all the others who don't care (but read it anyway) about numbers is that traditionally when assigning version numbers to any piece of work, increasing the number after the decimal indicates a minor revision, where changing the number before the decimal indicates a major overhaul. So 5.0 = big step and 4.?.? = bug fixes. That's why :-) 
Please do not refer to the next version of Android as key lime pie for we do not know it is called this
its nearly as bad as the iPhone crap I read.
You think an OS is supreme to another just because of numbering policy +Ty Bayles ? Please, deactivate all your input methods for eternity.
Ohhhhh god I forgot to press MUTE
+Paul Snedden I'm expecting it to be licorice. That sounds much cleaner in my opinion, and it's a bit more popular than lamington.
A detailed list stating the rreasons and giving history on why the version number can't be predicted. Then wankers in this thread go ahead and do so anyway. 
+Jarrod Osborn I will not take you seriously if you use the word Wanker. We are not children. This is a discussion, not a playground. If you won't contribute then show yourself out.
Makes more sense to guess the name of the "L" release.
Lemon meringue. Wait, we can't do that if we foolishly choose to name the "K" release Key Lime.
+Patrick Bui lemon meringue is too long and doesn't roll of the tongue very well. Most names don't go over 3 syllables when it comes to android names, besides ice cream sandwich of course. Licorice is probably going to be the name of it.
I'd be more interested in what new features KLP will come with rather than speculate as to what the version number will be. 
Some of you good folks mentioned that the actual version numbers are not important but they are for developers and anyone that roots their Android device.
+John Shue I myself wonder what they are gonna do with the naming convention of the OS once they've passed 'Z'. Maybe Google will invent its own alphabet system after that and we'll all get to learn a new language called Google Talk but uh, that's already taken. 
Key Lime Pie is 4.3 and 4.4, actually, like Jelly Bean was two. 5.0 doesn't come until the Large Bowl of Sugar release.
Oh and the pie part is because it unifies Google TV, so you have three form factors covered (phone, tablet, TV). Then in Large Bowl of Sugar, we add in support for post-it notes, home security systems, forearms, puppies, and refrigerators. So its just a big pile of supported devices, like a bowl of individual grains of sugar, see.
Also, I'm Sergey's evil twin. Go crazy, rumor-sphere!
+Spidey Guitar, Google will eventually abandon the alphabet long before it hits the 27th dessert.
It'll probably abandon desserts before that.
The OS might conceivably even become irrelevant by then. We could be using Tizen instead.

Until then,
Kettle Corn
Lava cake

Anyone ( besides moi ) who comments here sucks donkey
+Craig Barratt your not getting the point. This a a new version. Hence the name change. If it was a revision it would not be changing names. So again the version number means nothing. Ftw... 
Okay the best compromise is KiwiCormenPie😉😜😃
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