"Key Lime Pie Is 5.0" - A Word About Responsibly Reporting And Discussing Unreleased Versions Of Android

Please do not refer to unreleased versions of Android by a made-up (aka "rumored") version number. No one really knows what the version number will be. Repeating something over and over again does not make it true.

I remember when Jelly Bean was, for sure, going to be Android 5.0. (It's 4.1) http://news.cnet.com/8301-1035_3-57402420-94/android-5.0-aka-jelly-bean-rumored-for-q3-release/

I remember when Ice Cream Sandwich was, for sure, going to be Android 3.4. (It's 4.0)

No wait! Ice Cream Sandwich is really going to be Android 2.4, honest. (Nope. It's still 4.0)

I remember when Honeycomb was, for reals, also going to be Android 2.4. (It's 3.0) 

And I remember when everyone was certain that Gingerbread was Android 3.0. (It's 2.3) 

So please, Android readers and journalists, grow a memory. Learn from past mistakes. Stop making up numbers and repeating them ad infinitum and then accepting them as fact because you've repeated them so much. Use the version number when Google announces a version number. Until then, use the code name, or you could end up on next year's version of this list, when everyone was COMPLETELY POSITIVE Key Lime Pie was going to be Android 5.0.

(Please feel free to repost this message everywhere it needs to be reposted. And yes, you might get lucky, and the next version of Android just might be Android 5.0, but being lucky doesn't make you any less irresponsible. Stick to the facts.)
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