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[APK Teardown] Google Drive 1.2

Fun fact: A lot of the Drive theme stuff is named "Cakemix."

There's a string for a "Notes" section, so I guess that Google Keep integration they talked about when Keep launched is actually coming... someday.

I'm interested in how that would work, 1 file accessible from 2 different apps. Maybe it would be listed in Drive for searchabilty and, if tapped on, would kick you out to the Keep app.

Update news here:
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Here's a copy-paste of a comment I posted on The Verge.

"I’m kinda hoping that Keep and Reminders get merged into one at some point. Put a reminder into Keep, and it shows up all the time in the Keep app. But when it’s time for the reminder (like ‘pick up milk when I leave work’) to be shown in Now, it shows. It’d be better than the current system, where you can’t see a reminder until the time it’s due, unless you go into the Now settings."

I hope this happens at some point. The two services overlap in functionality, but making them one service for two slightly different things would be ideal for me.
I can see them getting rid of the Keep app/site all together and make Keep just another part of +Google Drive just like Docs, Spreadsheets, etc...  I think it was just a branding thing to keep them separate.  Once there is some exposure they'll merge.
+Phil Oakley don't forget Tasks and Calendar.

Four apps you could all use for To-Do list stuff that don't talk to each other. =/
+Ron Amadeo I think Tasks will be killed off soon. It's been neglected for a while now.

I don't know about Calendar. It's always felt like it doesn't quite belong in the lineup of Google services. I think it just needs a bit of a spruce up.
+Ron Amadeo What do you think of this ?

"something like a viewpager inside action bar" when you go few folders deep?
+Rajesh Handa That would work, sounds a little too complicated for Google, though.

+Phil Oakley Yeah Tasks seems like it's ready to die. You SHUT YOUR MOUTH about calendar, though. I need Gcal. =P
+Ron Amadeo I like Gcal, but I want it to be more automated, I guess. I dunno. Adding calendar events always seems like a bit of a chore.
+Phil Oakley I agree.  I should be able to add items straight from +Gmail .  It should automatically know based on the conversation that we're scheduling a meeting.
Where is the Batch upload option? I have to individually select & upload 100s of files from my phone ! 
+Ron Amadeo I knew that was in place.  I meant the gmail app.  Should have been clear.  Is this rolling to the app too?
+Jon Packard not accidental, just testing stuff. ;)

It was a video of me staring at my computer screen. Nothing special.
+Ron Amadeo Please don't say that about Tasks, it makes me depressed ;) The third party app for Tasks (called Tasks) is really awesome and it would be a shame to let it go :(
Calendar is a core service for businesses so it's here to stay.

Having timed Keep and Reminders show up there is needed yeah. 
I love the tasks app as well. I would be extremely mad if they got rid of calendar. They won't. It works so well with email and contacts. 
+Dell E I was trying to upload all the Phone screenshots to Google Drive .. using PC would make it redundant.
btw Kie Lime Pie (aka OS 5.0) is A cake made from a Cakemix...
just saying
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