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Romanos Nianios is obsessed with technology
Romanos Nianios is obsessed with technology



Why there is not an option to change the second tap icon on the home screen?

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Any luck to start indexing animes like you do for movies and tv shows? There are a lot of websites with API like hummingbird, MyAnimeList and I am sure more that you can use.

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How do you dare to call this FTP/SFTP support. If the url has the '/' character it won't even try to connect to the server. What a shame for a paid app from a famous company. Add the option to select remote folder. I can't even connect to my sftp because it's inside a remote folder.

Please add FTPS and remote path option too in FTP(S)/SFTP. Eg. If i want the

I can connect to with my credentials (SFTP) but if i try to connect to then archos video play throws an error.

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I quite like black...

Hi +Vincenzo Colucci , as I am on of the first translators on SL, before even going to the crowdin. I would like to ask you if there will be new strings for translation for SL3. If there will be new strings, it would be a good time to upload them, in order to be ready for the beta release. :D

Any news?

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Sony NEX-C3 μία από τις καλύτερες mirrorless dSLR, μπορεί να αποδώσει το θέμα με απίστευτη ευκρίνεια χάρη στον APS-C σένσορα, δείτε τις υπόλοιπες φωτογραφίες! :D
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