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In case anyone's interested in #DashClock progress, updates to the app have slowed down a bit due to Google I/O preparation and whatnot. Having said that, here are the next set of things I hope to work on:

• Add more translations (there's quite a backlog, thanks to all translation volunteers!)
• Fix bugs related to all-day events
• Fix date localization issues
• API improvements (v2)
• Improved weather using the Wunderground API (although I'm not at all sure how quota's going to work)
• A Daydream

Can't wait to find more time to work on it!

UPDATE: I've added a beta 'channel', although there isn't yet a way to subscribe to updates: A few new translations and minor fixes are included in the latest beta.
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Daydreaming about the daydream function...
I was just thinking that daydream would be awesome... well done!
The development is contributable, yeah? I'm pretty busy these days myself, but I can check out what I can do to help if it is. 
Rob G
Where do I go to help with the translation? I could localize it in Thai. That said, I still prefer using English so hopefully its a choice thing. :-)
DashClock is superb!
I'd like to volunteer in the Spanish translation.
+Dandre Allison you mean interested in choosing to use a localized vs. unlocalized version? I don't think there's an easy way to do that, but those interested can certainly file a feature request :)
That swipe keyboard...I trust it to much sometimes. I wrote development (or something like it, I thought). +Roman Nurik 
ooooh - a daydream! That makes me wet :D i love how the N7 snaps into the daydream with the Docking Station. :)
Would be cool if the Daydream somehow could make use of "two columns" when in landscape mode. So we could show more dashclock extensions =)
+Dandre Allison ah, for contributions, if they're fairly small and very local changes, I'd gladly look at pull requests, but for larger changes that would require a bit of time to review, I don't think I'd have the bandwidth til after I/O
+Roman Nurik Are you working on an update to the Google IO app for 2013? Would be great to have again this year...
I wish it supported android 4.1.

But as I looked into source code it seems to require a lot of changes to make it 4.1 compatible. 
+Roman Nurik What about the ability to change the font size of the extensions in the lock screen? In my Galaxy SII, the size of the text is a little bit too big. Thanks!
+Roman Nurik ... may I ask again, if we will see the "load a custom icon bitmap/drawable" feature in the API in the near future?
Roman, thank you for all of your work on this app - it is a great addition to my Nexus devices.  I've got the lockscreen widget and a home screen widget added to both the phone and tablet. 
+Roman Nurik thanks, I am actually the author of this issue. I just wanted to know when we can expect this feature. However, thanks for your answer.
Really great app, thanks!
Will there be support for using bitmaps instead of resource IDs in the new API? That would be great!

I would be very interested in knowing which extensions you are using, could you please tell us? ;-)
+Roman Nurik Do you think the expand transition will ever be smoother when the clock is centered? 
Thanks for releasing the source. Gave me a few design ideas for my own application. Regards from +Panamá
Can you make it support the Motorola Xoom?
A lockscreen widget with daydream... The ultimate Android 4.2 app!
+Steven Bell You can just grab the apk anywhere and put the widget on your homescreen.
+vir ingens The app won't install on my my Nexus S 4.1.2. Maybe if I edit the manifest.xml
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