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Woooooop! ActionBarCompat is now available.
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Is this a replacement for ActionBarSherlock then?
+Roman Nurik Now that the SDK 18 is out... is there anything else holding back the releasing of the 2013 Google IO app's source code?
I don't think I understand, how does this compare to actionbar Sherlock? Do they have overlapping functionality, or are they the same?
+Matt Hall very similar in functionality. If you're using ABS already I'd keep using it. For new projects I'd recommend the new library. 
how to use  "Android Action Bar Style Generator " with AppCompat?

update: I check it again, AppCompat get support now!
+Roman Nurik how would you specify Activity specific attributes through XML? For instance "android:logo" in the AndroidManifest is ignored for older devices. Can't find anything in the documentation.
Thanks. No luck with style, but "android:icon" seems to work though. Not sure what the difference is.
Bene Hr
How can I use ActionBarCompat with a PreferenceActivity?
How do I integrate the ABC in a PreferenceActivity?
For someone making the switch to Android Studio, there seems to be a lot of missing information to get this running.  My app (Imported from Eclipse into AS) doesn't use gradle for builds, so how can I get this working?  It seems that my app can't find; all the resources it needs.
+Roman Nurik any idea how to set <item name="android:windowActionBarOverlay">true</item>  for API level lower than 11? I'm working with Navigation Drawer and Sliding Layout. Thank you!
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