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Nexus 4 device photos (PSD)

A week or so ago, +AJ Lopez (a talented mobile UI designer who's very active [1] on Dribbble), suggested that it would be great if there were more high-res renders of Nexus devices at unique angles for designers to use in their mockups (and for publishers to use in marketing materials).

Well, short of 3D renders, I convinced our [awesome] Android marketing team to let me share some Nexus 4 device photos. I've also added Photoshop Smart Objects to make it easy to swap in screenshots as needed, without having to re-transform flat screenshots for each angle. A quick preview of these PSDs is attached to this post.

Download the PSDs here: http://j.mp/nexus4renders

And of course, if you don't want to muck around with Photoshop and just need a facing-forward framed screenshot, you can always use the official Device Art Generator here: http://j.mp/deviceartgenerator.


[1] http://dribbble.com/ajlopez
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