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Nexus 4 device photos (PSD)

A week or so ago, +AJ Lopez (a talented mobile UI designer who's very active [1] on Dribbble), suggested that it would be great if there were more high-res renders of Nexus devices at unique angles for designers to use in their mockups (and for publishers to use in marketing materials).

Well, short of 3D renders, I convinced our [awesome] Android marketing team to let me share some Nexus 4 device photos. I've also added Photoshop Smart Objects to make it easy to swap in screenshots as needed, without having to re-transform flat screenshots for each angle. A quick preview of these PSDs is attached to this post.

Download the PSDs here:

And of course, if you don't want to muck around with Photoshop and just need a facing-forward framed screenshot, you can always use the official Device Art Generator here:


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Now if only we could actually buy one.
Wow, great share +Roman Nurik That would make it a whole lot easier to get mockups rendered on device frames.
This is so incredibly mega awesome!
Downloading them all, Dribbble get ready!

And thanks a lot buddy :-)
Looks nice. I wish the notification light was non-white by default, as it looks like a reflection at the first sight
i think we need more least 100
For the purposes of Dribbbling with this a Pro Tip:

Dont forget to add just the smallest amount of Blur to the corners of your shots, I usually use the Iris Blur or Tilt-Shift functions on PS to get that sort of focus camera effect, go easy on it.

That simple thing will get your shots looking like the ones of the design elite!
Thats great! Thank you very much!
The real world is the best 3D tenderer. 😄
+Edwin Garcia the T mobiles in Chicago have and have had them since last week. They sold me one. The guy told me that got ten in their shipment. 
Large screens on phones are a threat to user privacy.
Looks good, but I fear it will be in the same situation as the Nexus 7... Great bit of hardware completely trashed by a rubbish OS...
The phone is amazing it has the only but its audio play back is really poor when connected to any 3.5 device like 2.1 earphones headphones 
well, since the Nexus 4 is impossible to buy - might as well just look at the pretty picture
Another phone that looks like every other phone. 
+Grant McWilliams Well, given the fact that most of us have five fingers on each hand, and are about the same size, it's unsurprising that phones all look similar. It's like gloves. Did you notice how similar they are these days? :)
technology at its best. Beatiful exterior and screen resolution. 
yes great stuff wish i could get one for my daughter lol
It is so nice, but how can we get it.
I have needed these. Thank you. I do little photoshop projects, and in the last one included a Nexus, but could not find images this clean. 
My buddy got tired of me talking about the nexus and looked into buying one. Can't. Now looking at Note II. I guess he's winning either way but, dang, what gives?

I wish I was at end of contract and could buy one but if I were I'd probably be going all "Khaaaaaaaan" over not being able to. :)
Actually, it would be cool if this mobile actually existed.
+Dave Page If it existed, we would be able to buy one, right ? The only Nexus phone that can be bought right now is the Galaxy Nexus, not the Nexus 4.
And this is about as close to a Nexus 4 as most folks will get for a long long time.
LG is not going to sell it in Italy, what a shame.
Great stuff ! I'm actively looking for a similar resource to promote my app : a picture of a hand holding a Nexus 4. Do you guys know if that exists ? 
Great .. now we got more photos of the mythical device .. it really exists?
Geez. Is there something more about this phone than some pics, renders and tech specs? Like actual device maybe? Lol.
Too bad the Motorola X will be announced in just a few months 
Jeff W
Great phone, but really slow on AT&T, missed my LTE 
Jeff W
I was getting about 8 tops get about 35 with my HTC one x+ the nexus was really fun except for the speed in U.S. 
I've used all the current phone/tablet OS's and the only one worse than Android is Windows 8... iOS is so far ahead in almost every aspect...
Jeff W
No thanks 
iOS 6 > Android > Win 8 > Win 7...

Used them all extensively and iOS is the only one that feels like it was designed and hasn't just fallen together...

App wish there is no comparison, pretty sad when Google Apps look and work better on iOS than they do on Android...
+Andrew Gosling You think Google Apps are better on iOS ? I'm still searching for the way to have iOS Google Maps open automatically when I send maps url to my wife iPhone by SMS. For some reason, it opens the web browser which then has a button to launch Google Maps. On my Android phone, clicking on a Maps url launches Google Maps.

The same problem happens with every application that is not made by Apple. How can an OS that forces the user to open its browser to launch an installed app (!) considered as a good OS ?
I'm not saying iOS is perfect, just vastly superior to the other alternatives.

Given that Google sends the link as a http URL, how else is iOS supposed to deal with it. Google needs to send the link in a way that checks to see if the app is installed and if it is then call it otherwise use the web browser.

Looks more like a Google issue than an iOS issue to me.
+Andrew Gosling nope, it works on Android because apps can be registered as responder of URIs. iOS does not allow this and the user is then stuck with what Apple has hard coded.
all of the coments are true about iOS though if appple gets enough flack they cans simplify it in future so saddly we are stuck for now
their the same? XD maybe someday we'll have a triangular phone? for a chang
+Roman Nurik hi, you disabled comments on Roboto Rounded share. I just want to say thay it is VERY HARD to get to original post from G+ client on Nexus 7. Maybe you can tell devs to improve it? Simply frustrating right now...
I have a Nexus 7, it's a nice piece of hardware but I rarely use it simply because every app that I use on a regular basis, from email, web, FB, G+, Instagram, they are all so much better on iOS that the Nexus feels like it's about 10 years behind. That isn't down to the hardware, it's down to Android
Que barbaro donde lo compro
Any way to use psds on inkscape?
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