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This week's Android Design in Action episode centered on podcast creation, recording and management as well as design software tools. Rather than list all the things +Adam Koch and I talked about, I'll just leave it to you to check out the recording here: Android Design in Action: Podcast Creators and Design Tools

Slides attached to this post, as always. Enjoy!
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Great show as usual! Although Gimp was conspicuous by its absence from the Android design tools arsenal :-) 
Omnigraffle (even the standard version I believe) supports hyperlinking within a document. This is a great way to simulate an entire application's workflow.
+Roman Nurik One thing I recently missed in the Android Asset Studio was to create generic icons of rectangular shape, where I could specifiy either the width or height in dip only. I needed this to create a logo for the action bar.
Hi +Roman Nurik wanted to know what sort of tools does the Android team use for prototyping. I've tried out almost all of the wireframing tools mentioned, and the experience in creating clickable protoypes leaves a lot to be desired (full screen mode issues on the device, particularly). I have been recommended using Elipse directly for creating layouts and adding interactivity but was curious if there's something else that you're aware of.
Varies. Some use straight HTML. For 3D some use Processing. Often an actual Android app prototype works best but of course requires quite a bit more work.
Any chance if I could connect with someone who would give me a better insight on this topic? The problem with HTML is you can't run full screen correctly, it keeps zooming in/out. At my firm we are considering creating actual prototypes to get better user feedback to validate our designs. Thanks!
Running webkit fullscreen is no problem for android and you just need to add the Viewport Meta Tag.
Something like: <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1, maximum-scale=1">
Been using readymade libraries/tools so far so we don't have to code gestures and transitions. Very surprising how these tools have very poor Android support.
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