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UPDATE: Get the code here:

One of the things I often need-but-don't-have quick access to is a simple month calendar that'll let me look up days of the week for dates in the future. While there were some decent month calendar widgets on Google Play, I really wanted one that was really really simple and that fit stock Android's already clean aesthetic. After about an hour in Android Studio this morning and another hour just now (yes, widgets are really easy to write), it's pretty much done! While I can't share the code just yet, here's a quick preview of what it looks like.

Also on dribbble:

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Very nice. Looking forward to it.
That looks very good. Please do share it, if it's ready.

One thing about the lockscreen bothers me though.
It always pops up the unlock gesture/pin/face-capture and the content from the widget you put up (like Dashclock) only gets activated after interacting with it.
The more pleasing route for me would be the exact opposite.
Hit the lock symbol and then unlock your device.
Just going to guess that 80% of the coding time required was working around the awful rules, edge-cases, and Java APIs that surround the current Date/Calendar API.
That looks incredible! I really love the clean design and aestethic that you've got going on!
Du Chen
Stunningly beautiful and very holo
Looking forward to see this on play store!
Looks great.. would happily add that as a 2nd lock screen widget beside Dashclock :)
Yup. You're the master at this. Very awesome. Now I want calendar to take queues. #ugh
+Roman Nurik Wouldn't the number of the week be a useful addition to display? Some people only communicate dates this way and I always have to check. 
Will buy if allows me to see on agenda mode also a quick appointment button..
Looking forward to downloading this beautiful calendar!! :]
+Roman Nurik do you have a view like +Jorte where you see text of your appointments in a month overview? This is a key feature I really demand when using a calendar
Nice work. Looking forward for the download at Google play store. 
Wish all the Android official widgets looked like that. Instead, they all look different, and they often look horrible.
Paul W.
The actions should be grouped in the right surely? 
Would be nice to see the calendar week number on the left or right of the week rows. Very sexy!
looks amazing, great work +Roman Nurik . Do you happen to have a 3D model of the nexus 4 you could share? We could really use it!
Totally agree with the use case. I usually have to go to calendar, which is usually on a week view and switch to month view.
Looking forward to this ! It'd be even greater if it had some way to highlight days with events (like dots or bars)
Cool, i love the clean design... the standard calender feature doesn't fit with Android's clean and slick design... this is soo much better. Thanks bro... let us know when the widget will be available!
i just cant seem to get my apps to look this beautiful
I use smooth calender app currently, i will be interested in seeing yours keep ask of us informed on your progress and thank you in advance got the time put in to develop the app
My lock screen is begging for this....
Looks nice! Reminds me of the calendar widget from launcher pro! 
This looks really great.
I'm currently looking for a color scheme for week days. +Roman Nurik do you have an idea? Like 7 unique colors that could be assigned to each week day. In the long term this could reduce the need for the labels above.
I'm wondering if you could integrate some discreet colors into your design?
Nice clean aesthetic, I'll take one!
Ines WU
Very cool,,,,, i want this
really clean! looking forward to using it :)
Nice job +Roman Nurik The only enhancement I would recommend, that you provide a resizable widget or 2 widgets. One that spans the whole screen, and one that spans only 1/4 screen. This would allow to keep calendar next to other widgets on the screen. My screen real-estate is very valuable :)
Great job! If you have the time (and I think we'll all understand if you don't), please create a full widget suite (a la APW) in this style.

I, for one, love having my widgets match, and this is by far the best looking calendar widget I've seen for the platform.
When can you have it up on goggle play store? This is a very nice and clean app that I would love to have.
Looking forward to find this at Play. 
Paul B
Having written a widget and spent time wrangling with the RemoteViews API I would have to disagree on the "widgets are really easy to write" part ;)
great job. this is turning out to be the inspiration i needed to finally give widget coding a try.
Absolutely LOVE the dashclock and am really looking forward to your calendar widget :)
That us exactly what I've been looking for..!!! Clean, simple & looks so lovely.. 
You're a genius! Thanks +Roman Nurik Is this a CalendarView? I need a simple calendar view for my current app...
OMG, you're a ninja, design and dev in one day? :(
Tomorrow when 4.3 is announced this should be available.. Right?
Nice job +Roman Nurik I'm looking forward to getting one. I also signed up for +Dribbble thanks, make sure you tell everyone wen it's available....thank you!
I really hope you are able to sync this with Google calendar !!
Please make this available to the public soon, pretty please?
+Ronny Terhuerne I agree 100%. Cyanogenmod and AOKP both have this as options, auto show the widgets expanded and touch the lock to unlock the phone. I even have it to longpress the lock symbol to auto-unlock my screen, so its only one movement. So much better than stock behavior.
And now I'm going to get on the workstation to fire up android studio. 
This is what design is
Very nice design; elegantly clean. Would like to use this myself at some point.
YES, this is exactly what I want... I just want to see a calendar, no syncing or other features, just a list of dates please.

When is it released?
That I will put on my lock screen!  The only widget I have now is torchlight.
i really dont want to add another thing.

But i agree my standard calender is a hassle have to go through 5 steps just to get to a full calendar(and thats after opening it)

Mark me down to notify once your done!
personally i like Touch Calendar... nice functionality and use
I love the clean design, and can't wait to have it on my phone. Will it be available to the public?
Very clean! Hoping to hear that it's been made available at the play store soon.
Looks great. Will it support drag & drop? 
This is almost exactly what I need. Is there any way you can put it in the notification tray? As an expandable sticky notification? Then one can simply pull it down to look up a date, from whatever app they're in.

I was actually considering learning how to code for Android for this. I will gladly pay good money for this.

looks nice. add LUNAR calender, by the way. hhha
hey when will u release this csl really like it