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Today on Android Design in Action, +Nick Butcher+Adam Koch and I ran with +Reto Meier's cricket app design from The App Clinic [1] by layering on some visual design touches covering:

• Action bar restyling
• Accent colors and background color changes
• Metrics and spacing
• Typography and visual hierarchy tweaks
• Navigation drawer metrics and styling
• Specs/redlines to hand off to developers

We then dove into design recommendations for using Maps in your app, ranging from:

• Basics of the Google Maps Android API v2
• Visual and interaction design for markers and info windows
• Camera transitions/animations
• Full-screen (map is the interface) vs. embedded (map is the context) modes

As always the slides for this week's show are attached and you can catch the episode recording on YouTube: Android Design in Action: Cricket App Specs + Maps


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not to be picky but isn't there something wrong if you have the overflow button showing up on the ActionBar if the phone has a native Menu Button? Or is this something that the new ActionBarCompat does? or was it just unintentionally :)
+Marcus Körner ooops – that was unintentional!  We created the mocks and later added the device frame.  Definitely nothing to do with ActionBarCompat.
Pity, was hoping for a change regarding the hardware menu button ;-) Serious discoverbility issues and the guidelines and implementation doesn't help, which they could. The overflow action item and hw menu button could both open the menu IMO. Sure it's Samsung's fault but it could be less of an issue, IMHO. Lesser of two evils (duplication of menu action vs discoverbility, especially if not lit up, and not knowing if it would even show something if pressed). Could possibly also influence Samsung to stop with the hw menu button as there would not even be a perceived benefit in having it. Whatever that would be? Ease of access? Hardly. Extra chance for a hw malfunction? 
+Nick Butcher ah ok, but the point of the document is to make it more explicit to the developers hence why you use dip, so ARGB would help over RGB + opacity
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