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The Android device frame generator has just graduated to!

Introducing the Device Art Generator, a new page in the Distribute tab that allows you to quickly wrap your app screenshots in real device artwork. This provides better visual context for your app screenshots on your web site or in other promotional materials.

For the time being, only frames for the recent Nexus phones and tablets (and the XOOM) are available.
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I am having far too much fun with this and I don't even know why. I like it. :D
Why aren't we allowed to use images generated there on our feature image? 
That's great, but what's the deal with:
Note: Do not use graphics created here in your 1024x500 feature image or screenshots for your Google Play app listing.
Very very nice, thanks for this tool. I owe you yet another beer/coffee.
+Roman Nurik Woah, thanks!
I never realized that. Time to update my featured image.

Either way, this is a very awesome tool!
Thanks +Roman Nurik you're making the lives of a lot of mobile designers so much easier with this.
Sweet...I have one of each physical device too. I don't understand why this would be bad for the play store listing though?
I also from Nigeria, a foreign business man with good dignity
Seems to crash for me on Chrome 21.0.1180.60 m :(

As soon as the preview images appears I get the chrome sad face.
It would be awesome if it resized/cropped images automatically, and supported doing the same after rotating.
Ke Ning
:) that's exactly all the testing devices i got, i guess i have the standard set.
you did a great job! This would be very useful ;)
The Android Art Device Generator is awesome but it's broke right now?! Do you know when it will be fixed? Thanks so much.
+Roman Nurik is the service broken at the moment? The devices are missing. Hope it'll be back soon :)
Crashes after generating the art, every time without fail.

Sad face :(
It was workable a few weeks ago already! At least in Chrome.
Seems to be broken today, in Chrome, Firefox, and IE.  No devices appear in "Step 1", where you would normally drag your screenshot to.  Dragging the image on to the page has no effect, and clicking on "Older Devices" also has no effect.
+Roman Nurik every time I try to save the image of my Nexus 4 the website crashes. I'm using the latest version of Google Chrome Version 23.0.1271.95, any ideas?
+Roman Nurik I used the screen shot I took with my Nexus 4 using Google's built in screen shot function. It's kinda sad to see that two Google products don't play well together but I was able to get it working with Firefox thanks for the tip.
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