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Hi all! I just wanted to say, thanks for all the support for #Muzei ! I've just pushed a fix that should resolve some of the issues everyone's having with featured art not refreshing. I also made some poor choices with respect to image hosting… but Google Cloud Storage to the rescue! Image loading should be better now thanks to that.

v1.0.1 should appear on Google Play within the next hour or two.
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It's really nice...Looking forward to seeing what I have tomorrow!
I really can't thank you enough.
This is the first wallpaper solution I've ever had on a phone that I really loved.
Even more so, as a developer, I'm blown away by you making this open source.
Seriously, thanks!
+Roman Nurik Can you please enlighten me as to the font you used for the "Muzei" iconography? A friend of mine is making an extension for Muzei based on RSS and was wondering what font was used for seamless integration.
It's fun to get a new image and tap to reveal it
Strange, mine refreshed no problem.
+Roman Nurik Does it fix the black screen issue on the G2?
+Keerthi Madapusi Pera this angered me as well. If you have a rooted device (and the xposed framework) you can enable this option by installing the LWInRecents plugin. Really felt a ton better having that in the background of recents! 
Will you be removing the opaque nav bar during blur? Its making my eye twitch +Roman Nurik 😀
No thank you +Roman Nurik for developing this amazing app! Can't wait to get the update :)
+Tony Pettinato Looking at the source, I would say it it is still broken; but I could be wrong. I took the source from version 1 and hard-coded the cache directory and made it functional on my G2. The 2 lines I edited are still the same on github.
Updated version working well (stock n5) 
Use it as my wallpaper now, and love it.
+Brandon Tiller shoot me an email, would love to chat. I don't have a G2 so don't really know what the issue is.
+Roman Nurik driving me nuts..where did you get the widget for the calendar in the tablet screen shot for muzei? P.s. loving you new app! 
+Roman Nurik I responded to the email from launch day to the support email adress. Email subject "Log report - grumpy mcpuzzles"
Working perfectly on my nexus 4 and nexus 7 now, thanks!
Update just came through and it works on my G2 with CM11
+Roman Nurik if only you can add a very subtle parallax effect on device move...Awesome! Thanks for making this!
+Roman Nurik Oh my god, this is the best UI I ever use😍 but I'm missing adding pictures from picasa... It is plausible to add this feature? Sorry for bad English 😊
If only there was a way to incorporate the google art Institute website... 
+Roman Nurik Loving this. What do you think of adding Dashclock support that shows the name of the current wallpaper and tapping it reveals the picture? I know you have other built in gestures for reveal, but I use Nova and have similar gestures already in use, so it makes it difficult. Thanks!
+Sean Stone heh, that's a neat idea. Maybe better to just expose a blur/unblur API :)
+Roman Nurik Not a programmer myself, so I'm not sure what would be available in the API, but being able to set a couple blur presets and tapping on the dashclock extension to cycle through them could be neat too. Just thinking out loud.
Tonight's Mona Lisa switch went off without a hitch
+Roman Nurik I had to force the switch tonight, post update. No issue yesterday with the old version :-/
+Roman Nurik sadly It didn't auto refresh for me either on a Nexus 5.  What logs in particular would help you?
+Phil Shadlyn any bug report or logs taken shortly after 2am GMT / 9pm ET would be extremely helpful. I will also prepare a debug build for anyone affected by this for testing. Next week hopefully
+Phil Shadlyn , I had that issue with apod muzei.  I just uninstalled it and reinstalled it after the update and haven't had any issues since.
+Roman Nurik I am getting the non-refresh issue on my N5. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help debug
+Roman Nurik it's all good here actually, the wallpaper switched right around 9 tonight. I'll keep an eye on it and send over any bug reports if I run into any trouble
Would it be possible to make the wallpaper blurred on the homescreen but not blurred on the lockscreen? Because info on the lockscreen mostly is readable no matter the image shown, the homescreen mostly isn't. Is this posible to do with muzei or is this only posible on a system level?  
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