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Thanks to all of you who tuned in to watch the first-ever episode of Android Design in Action! Over the next few days we'll be looking over your feedback on the show format to see how we can deliver even more Android design goodness (hopefully once per week).

In the meantime, the ~30 minute video is now posted here:
Android Design in Action: Transit Apps

I've also attached to this post all the slides we used during the show, including our single-screen "makeovers" for London Underground, m-parking, and London Bus Checker.
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+Baptiste Carlier not that I know of, but the hard part is the actual popup window (which you can use the PopupWindow class for). The spinner affordance itself should be fairly straightforward, either using a custom view, or a layer list drawable.
This is great initiative, Keep it up.

Another suggestion for +Google Ads, on +Android ads should be this beautiful as in #2 photo (beautiful & inviting green strip) unlike how it is today. Simply obnoxious and uninviting. 
I took a way a few things that I'm going to incorporate into my own app. Thanks for the session!
+Roman Nurik How are you mirroring your tablet to the Hangout? I would really like to do something similar myself. 
The YouTube video won't play on my galaxy nexus. IMHO that should be fixed.
+Ran Nachmany looking into it... may just take YouTube servers some time to transcode correctly.

+Jan Souza these were mockups only; we didn't implement these mockups in code.
Yeah, it says "unsupported video format" when I load it in the YouTube app on my GN.
Great! There is no better way to explain the idea than to show an use case. I'm a fan of your talks and input. Looking forward to next episode!
+Roman Nurik I am new to android development. My question is will this be about aesthetics or in new shows will also giving tips on making apps ? BTW the content was absolute.. I was engrossed into what you were both saying.
Weird.. the Nexus 7 YouTube app still thinks the event is live and won't let me skip forward or back.
Great set of apps and suggestions for them.  Definitely will be tuning in to future episodes.  Shows like this are definitely helping to raise the quality bar for Android apps, making the platform better as a whole.  Keep up the good work +Roman Nurik!
+Roman Nurik, would like to know your design/presentation process here. I'm assuming OmniGraffle or Illustrator for the designs and page layouts, then exporting to JPG for viewing in Gallery on a Xoom, then HDMI out?
Great show! Did you consider looking at the apps in a tablet form factor as well?
Thanks a lot, great info, please continue doing this.
+Jonas Bengtsson we absolutely did, but decided to keep things simple for now. These redesigns take quite a bit of time :)
+Carlo Marinangeli we didn't implement these mockups... only drew them in graphic design software. If you have specific implementation questions I'd recommend asking then on Stack Overflow
+Roman Nurik re: parking app, wondering why you had Discard in an overflow on its own instead of an explicit Discard or Cancel in the top right of the action bar
+Android niceties either one works. Having both there may indeed be more straightforward if there are no other actions..
Where is öffi? It was also in the App Clinic. Becomes this App no redesign?
Gust AF
Just start watching the series. Good work. Even we can learn tips about London!
Yes.I'm see your mine.
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