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Quick PSA for anyone using the Android Device Frame Generator. Next month I'll be releasing an update that:

• Allows you to toggle the shadow and the screen glare
• Has updated device images for the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, and XOOM (toned down and more consistent glare across devices, etc.)
• Removes the Nexus One

And if you happen to work for an OEM and would like your devices available as options, please get in touch with me!
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+Roman Nurik Any plans for a landscape toggle? Guess I should dig into the project myself as it's open source right?
Cool, I use your tool quite often, please continue the good work.
+Jake Wharton If you drag a landscape screenshot over the device, it automatically creates a landscape frame of that device.
Are we gonna see the Galaxy S3 on there?
+Corey M if Samsung (can't take community contributions on this) provides me high-res 32-bit PNG images sure :-)
I tried to email them for support on the GS2 to no avail. Oh well.. thanks for the reply and +mention!
for some reason I can't use it.everytime I try to move the frame to my desktop to save it,the page crashes.I'm talking about the galaxy nexus frame.any help,plz? :S
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