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Launcher icon generator update — XXHDPI and new shapes

Just pushed an update to the Android Asset Studio's ( launcher icon generator:

• New circle/square template assets, based on +Androidicons's boilerplates. (Thanks +Guenther Beyer!)

• Support for XXHDPI for Nexus 10 launcher icons (see Nick's post for details:

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Great! But when I use a image I don't get for what the forground color is?
+Michael Panzer Yeah, you should remove the foreground color for images. I should actually set that back to the default behavior. EDIT: pushed.
The generated .zip doesn't contain the xxhdpi! Oops!

EDIT: Errr, never mind, user error, extracted to the wrong folder. <.<;
what' dpi unit ont Nexus 10? 480dpi? why ppi smaller ?
+Crossle Song DPI is the same as PPI, and it's ~300 (maps to XHDPI) on Nexus 10. The use of XXHDPI is explained in the linked G+ post by Nick
I'm looking for a way to easily create image assets for arbitrary sizes. Would be nice if the asset studio could do that too: Throw in an image, specify output dimensions in dp, and get a zipped archive of all scaled down versions for different densities.
The generated Icons are relative small, they don't take all the area available to them even with no padding, why is that?
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