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Been working on a #Muzei watch face for #AndroidWear… will aim to publish this whenever a public API for watch faces becomes available.
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I'm curious — does your concept share the data directly from the existing configuration or is it independently configurable?
Sick! Hey maybe you can answer this, Roman. All of my contact's photos, when seen behind texts on my G Watch, are super blurry. Is there an optimal pixel density and photo size to use or is this a bug?
I'm confused, why can ACW do this today, but there's no API support?
The corner clock maybe an issue on the round watch faces (aka moto 360)
So Roman, does this mean it is planned for the watchface api to go public or just wishful thinking?
Be awesome if seconds were displayed (obviously only in "switched on", mode)..
+James Tenniswood I was getting ready to say the same. Should be placed either a little lower and a little to the left. 
+Roman Nurik why wait? All it takes is android:allowEmbedded="true" on <activity/> and an IntentFilter with action MAIN and category "".

But well, I guess you're right and they WILL change things before adding that feature to the public documentation.
Another thing, could another app make use of all the Muzei-compatible Wallpaper Sources out there or is that locked down to your signature?
+Roman Nurik you wrote the watchface I was working on! I'll just get back to working on those damn public APIs, instead...
Very nice, i will wait the source code to study !!! Thanks
Awesome! My favorite Android wallpaper now on my favorite watch! 
Can't wait for the watchface API to be released and see what can be done in conjunction with Minimalistic Text. Do you have an rough estimate for the API release? 
Sounds like androidwear will be updated to Android L when its ready, will bring the API support in then, so could be a while (end of summer is my guess). 

The upside is better battery lift along with L. 
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