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In this week's episode of Android Design in Action, we showed some mockups for a modernized version of the very awesome device automation app Tasker. (Oh and I just realized +Greg Hesp did a similar redesign a few weeks ago too! [1])

+Adam Koch, +Nick Butcher and I then did a deep dive on touch feedback, expanding a bit on what's already covered in

As usual, the slides we used today are attached to this post, and you can watch the recording here: Android Design in Action: Device Automation and Touch Feedback


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Hier schrijf ik het ook maar eens. Zo grappig dat iedereen maar blijft hangen bij Whatsapp terwijl er zoveel andere betere applicaties zijn
+Roman Nurik, thanks for doing Tasker, I hope the guys behind it are going to do something with its UI after seeing this :)
Tasker is a great app but the interface is terrible whichever version of Android you run it on, let's hope the developers take your make over to it on board and gives us an update.
So is anyone actually reaching out to the Tasker developer/s with a view to implementing this, or is it just "out there"?
I would buy the app if he updates but if he doesn't then I'm sticking with my rule of not buying ugly apps! Beauty over function would be a nice change for tasker
+Arpit Mathur yeah, also FrameLayout, which has android:foreground. Otherwise views don't have built-in draw-this-on-top functionality
+Roman Nurik , thanks. I looked through the ListView code that actually uses drawSelectorOnTop attribute. Its about 4 lines of code in the class's dispatchDraw method that controls when to draw the background drawable. Seems worthy of being added to core View or ViewGroup classes. Would make creating touch feedback a lot easier than now.
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