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Spent some time updating the Android Photoshop GUI Design Kit that I released end of last year to version 3.0. Specially made for Android Designers/Developers that uses Adobe Photoshop for App Mockup, besides covering all stock UI elements, I have also added a new things in it - Application Design Templates (ADT), which can be used as a starting point for any ICS/JB app design. 

So what's in this new Android ICS/JB Photoshop GUI Design Kit 3.0:

Building Blocks
Soft button
App Login Screen Example
Homescreen (Updated with Jelly Bean Homescreen)
Launcher Screen
Option Bar (Top and Bottom)
Notification Center (ICS and Jelly Bean Notification Center)
Notification Bar
Dialogs (Toast, Popups, Alert, Jelly Bean App Uninstallation Dialog)
Quick Control (Lab feature in stock Browser)
Settings Page
Tab Bars (Multiple types)
Switches (Radio Buttons, Checkboxes, On/Off Switches)
Activity (Bar, Circle, Progress Bar)
Text Fields
Grid Lists (Horizontal and Vertical Scrolling Grids)
Lists (Single Line, 2-line and 3-line list)

Application Design Templates
Scrollable Tabs (Holo Dark/Light, with 2-Line list and To-do list examples)
2 Tabs (Holo Dark/Light, with 2-Line list example)
3 Tabs (Holo Dark/Light, with 2-Line list example)
4 Tabs (Holo Dark/Light, with 2-Line list example)
Collapse Tabs (Holo Dark/Light, with 2-Line list example)

Share it with any awesome Android app designers/developers! 

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Awesome!! Thanks for the hard works.
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