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New beta program

Hi all! There's a new beta program and a new beta version (v1.5 Beta 2) for DashClock!

To check it out, visit the instructions at

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Based on comits from looks like the main change was about adding Daydream support. Other changes are rather minor: some refactoring, improving project support for Android Studio, some translation fixes, etc.
Yeah mostly new Daydream features started a few months ago and then tweaked last night. 
I'm in! And thanks again for joining and utilizing the community +Roman Nurik , really brings the community full-circle
Daydream support? How does it work?
Nvm, just updated again. The option's there now.
Can't install. Keep getting application already exists error.
Day dream function is nice but the default animation is terrible ;-) I'll take slide and fade any day. I feel all the colour choices are to bright for a dark room would be nice to have a proper colour picker instead of set defaults. Maybe not as user friendly though? 
@Roman Nurik : - Samsung GT-N7000 - This item is not compatible with your device???
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